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A common question we get is which website builder is better at getting higher search engine rankings.  Or if we think that WordPress is superior at SEO (“search engine optimization”).

We feel that there are a lot of MIS-information about search engine rankings out there (at least in our own opinion).

When it comes to search engine rankings, which website builder you use only has a marginal impact.

If it was that easy to achieve high rankings just by using the right website builder, then all websites would be on the first page of Google – which just isn’t the case!

How Google ranks websites mainly has to do with how authoritative the website is.

A good example is Wikipedia. Since it is a very resourceful website and has a ton of authority, Google recommends it by rewarding it with higher rankings in search results.

If one puts up a shoddy website that lacks substance to people in search for information, Google (in our view anyway) will not put it on page 1 of search results. It doesn’t matter what website builder you are using. Make sense?

Consider this scenario. You used a drag and drop website builder to create your website. You are a leading authority in your topic of discussion (what your website is all about), and you have other industry experts linking to your website as they want to promote / endorse your website as a place of knowledge for their own readers. Your webpages / discussions are shared broadly across social media.

In short, you’re a bit of a celebrity in your field.

If you were able to achieve that, we’re willing to bet that it doesn’t matter if you’re using Wix or Squarespace, or WordPress, or any another web builder, your site will be rewarded by Google by ranking higher in search results.

Of course, achieving such “celebrity” status is challenging and takes time (think years). And that’s why those who are committed for the long haul has a much higher chance of succeeding, and those who give up after a week because their website is not ranked on page 1 of search results will always disappear off the grid (and complain that the website builder they used didn’t work).

So the key point is, being rewarded with higher search engine ranking IS achievable – no matter which website builder you use.