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You may wonder about Weebly pricing plans and what you get if you subscribe to their paid packages (Weebly Starter, Weebly Pro, Weebly Business, and Weebly Performance plans).

In general, people are conditioned to focus on price and price alone.

For instance, it’s very common for a person to see that a premium plan is $25 per month and start panicking at the idea that it will cost $300 a year!

We’ve been there ourselves so we fully understand this “kneejerk” emotional reaction.

What we really ought to be doing is to pay more attention to what you receive in return for each of Weebly’s pricing plans.

What do you get for $96 per year from their Starter plan? What could you accomplish with $144 per year with their Pro plan? Are they worth it to you?

This is what we’ll try to discuss in this pricing review.

Weebly is known as a very user-friendly website builder and they work really hard to keep things simple and uncomplicated (read our Weebly review report here).  They keep this in mind in everything they do, from the tools they give you to build websites, right down to their pricing structures.

* Based on 1 month plan. Performance plan does not have a 6 months plan at the moment.

Weebly Performance Plan offers you all of Weebly Business features (some advanced eCommerce tools), and very powerful online store functions including real-time shipping rates, abandoned cart recovery, gift cards (so people cna redeem products from your store), and email marketing campaigns.

Weebly Business Plan offers you all of Weebly Pro features (more below), advanced eCommerce tools to allow you to build a good online store, and unlimited membership creation function.

Weebly Pro Plan offers you all the upgraded tools which enable you to build a much better website.

Weebly Starter Plan offers you a subset of tools that are available to Weebly Pro.  Under this plan, you won’t get Performance, Business or Pro features such as:

At the time of this post, upgrading a website to Weebly Performance, Weebly Business, Weebly Pro or Starter plans is relatively affordable (and good value – I’ll explain later).

Weebly offers you discounts if you sign up to their 1-year plan, and even a greater discount under the 2-year plan.

Weebly Pricing Review | Starter Pro Business & Performance Plans Worth It?-ThemesReviewCentral

The 2-year plan gives you the best value and if you think about it, your monthly investment is:

Connie (my wife) spends more than that in a fancy cup of coffee sometimes (though she’s getting better… but suffering from sugar withdrawals!)

From that perspective and from the perspective of everyday living costs (a cup of coffee, a bottle of soda, a chocolate bar), upgrading to Weebly Starter or Weebly Pro or Weebly Business or Weebly Performance plans is not too enormous of a financial commitment when you consider the cost of building websites could be very expensive.

What you get in return is a much more sophisticated website builder. So if you are serious enough about your website and that you’re committed to it, investing either 16 cents (Weebly Starter) or 27 cents (Weebly Pro) or 68 cents (Weebly Business) or $1.50 (Weebly Performance) a day is almost a no-brainer.

Weebly offers you tremendous value from my perspective when it comes to the cost of building your website.

I understand that the majority of the people nowadays expect a lot of things on the internet for free, but if we take a step back, the idea of “you get what you pay for” is a timeless guidance to consumers.

As a Weebly customer, in addition to getting better tools to create a better website, they will most likely take a big part of the monthly fees to improve their website builder, build more cool features and tools, provide even better customer support, and help me build better websites.

For online store owners, although the Business or Performance plans require a higher investment, remember you will be able to build an actual business out of the advanced Weebly eCommerce tools.  Considering how much you will need to invest if you wanted a physical store / business?  68 cents to $1.50 a day is a worthwhile investment.

I’m happy to pay for good stuff, but that’s just a general guiding principle for me.

We’re all different and we live under different circumstances.

If you have 20 websites that need to be upgraded to Weebly Starter, Pro, Business or Performance, then the financial commitment to upgrading will have a larger impact on you, than on others Weebly users.

But in a really weird way, this might encourage you to sit back and think about whether you really should be focusing on 20 websites, and if all those websites are really worth it.  If you are running a business or an online shop, you might brainstorm how you can make it more profitable.

These are good reflections you should consider on a regular basis, even if Weebly didn’t offer premium paid plans.

Now that you know what Weebly’s paid plans are, it’s just a bit of a nudge to push you to begin to reflect upon why you are building websites, and what you are really trying to get out of them.

Even the free service from Weebly already provides tremendous value to you if you wanted to build a basic website.

But if you are serious about committing to your website, your business, online store, or your blog, all things considered, the investment to upgrading your Weebly account is just a drop in a bucket.

With the upgraded features (especially Weebly Pro), you can really add a lot of cool features to your website to make it stand out.  My favorites include header slideshow, site search, and customizable footers.

Check out my other article if you’re interested in finding out more about Weebly Pro features and how to upgrade for free.