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Even though Wix is one of the best drag and drop website builders in the market today, are their eCommerce tools any good?

Can Wix actually help you sell your products online?

In a growing world of eCommerce, choosing the right online store builder is almost as important as picking the right car (okay, so not that extreme, but you get my point, especially if you are serious about selling products online!)

It’s often confusing as most website builders offer you similar tools to set up your store. You can see a side-by-side comparison of some of the best ecommerce builders here.

Some are very advanced for hardcore merchants who need a lot of tools (such as Shopify), some are more trimmed down but still offers you all the features you need to sell online successfully.

So which one should you pick?  How does Wix compare to its competitors (such as Weebly and Squarespace)?  Are Wix’s eCommerce tools good?

In this review, we’ll highlight some of their tools and show you what really makes Wix stand apart – something that they offer that a lot of other drag and drop website builders don’t.

Before we jump into whether Wix eCommerce tools can help you, I just want to quickly highlight some of the reasons why we quite like Wix:

So you want to build an online store to start selling products online. How can Wix help you?

While I can sit here and write a book about every single ecommerce feature / tool that Wix has to offer you, I won’t bore you with that (you do have more important things to do, right?)

Yes – the list of tools is quite comprehensive and you can quickly browse through it here.

But what I want to highlight in this discussion is what makes Wix’s ecommerce capabilities different from other drag and drop website builders.

In the spirit of completeness, here is an overview of the key features that Wix eCommerce offers you:

* Note: you will have to use the Wix Music App from Wix’s App Market to sell music downloads.

Okay – so now you know they have the basics to help you sell goodies, let’s dive into what makes Wix different.

So all the other drag and drop website builders (such as Squarespace, Weebly, Jimdo) all have ecommerce tools too.

If you want to sell gadgets, all of them can help you set up the infrastructure so your customers can buy from you.

So the key question you might want to ask yourself is, “How well can I sell my products, and what tools can really help me expand and automate my business?

This is where Wix is different and stands apart from its competitors.

If you haven’t seen Wix’s App Market yet, you should.

It has over 260 apps that you can bolt on to your website to help extend your online store’s functions.  Over 15,000 apps are installed on Wix websites every day.

Wix eCommerce Review 2017 | Top Reasons To Use Them-ThemesReviewCentral

So even though Wix gives you all the basic nuts and bolts to sell products (pretty much on par with its competitors), their App Market gives you more advanced sales & marketing tools, customer service tools, social network tools and business tools, to help you build a more comprehensive business.

Let’s get into some examples below.

But before we do that, I just want to highlight a couple of points:

You don’t have to use all the apps at all – you can just pick and choose which ones you find most helpful in growing your business.

If you visit Wix’s App Market, there are a few categories of apps that can help you grow your business:

There are a lot of other apps outside of these categories that can help you out (such as appointment scheduling apps, social network apps, gallery apps), but for the purpose of this discussion, we’ll be covering more ecommerce and business related apps.

The eCommerce apps give you options to integrate other even more powerful ecommerce platforms such as Shopify (see our review) or Ecwid into your Wix store. This is just in case you need even more advanced shopping carts to help you with your needs.

Wix eCommerce Review 2017 | Top Reasons To Use Them-ThemesReviewCentral

There are also apps to help you:

Wix gives you a pretty comprehensive set of marketing related apps to help you generate more sales.

Wix eCommerce Review 2017 | Top Reasons To Use Them-ThemesReviewCentral

Here are just a few other Business apps that you can bolt on to your store:

Wix eCommerce Review 2017 | Top Reasons To Use Them-ThemesReviewCentral

As mentioned, other competitors give you the basic functions to sell products. But there are limitations to those tools, and Wix also has all of these basic tools as well.

With the apps that Wix provides you, you get more options.

If one day you decide to sell directly on Facebook, Wix allows you to control your Facebook store from your Wix editor.

Wix eCommerce Review 2017 | Top Reasons To Use Them-ThemesReviewCentral

If you want to set up professional looking testimonial blocks, to encourage your potential customers to buy from you, there’s an app for that.

If you want to integrate your Wix website with Freshbooks for invoicing and bookkeeping (so you won’t jump off the bridge when it comes time to bookkeeping), there’s an app for that.

If you want to automatically send out newsletters to your customer base to cross-sell your products, promote new products, or just to stay in touch, there are apps for that.

You get my point.

Sure, having the basic tools so that someone can land on your page, click on the add-to-cart button, and pay for the product is great, but to grow a business, you need more tools.

Sure, you can find tools and integrate those tools into other drag & drop website builders too, but you might not feel comfortable with integrating their codes yourself.

With Wix’s apps, it’s 1-click and done. The developers of the apps have done all the integration work ahead of time for you.

Not to mention, Wix is continuously growing their App Market, so you can expect even more available tools coming online in the future.