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… Because, honestly, we don’t think that a beginner’s guide is a good place to go diving into the depths necessary to properly recommend specific dedicated hosting providers. Furthermore, when you're just starting out, your website isn’t really all that likely to warrant the considerable effort and expense (usually hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars per month) of a dedicated server. Add to that the fact that dedicated hosting can often be hard to scale since you’ve usually got a predefined, possibly very large amount of physical memory and computing power built into the server/s, which usually take quite a bit of specialist knowledge to set up and optimize. There are, of course, plenty of people and companies out there with websites that really are big enough (usually with hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of unique visitors a month) to require the effort and expense of opting for dedicated hosting. If you’re reading this guide, you probably don’t fall into this category – at least not yet! To find out more about dedicated hosting, check out this helpful Wikipedia article and/or contact a hosting company that really knows their stuff on the subject, such as Media Temple (also mentioned below).

- Dedicated WordPress hosting can be seriously pricey – $$$!