Give Brute Force Attacks the Boot with Defender’s New IP Lockout Features-ThemesReviewCentral

Our aim for this update was to provide an all-in-one IP Lockout protection package for your website that gives other security plugins for WordPress a run for their money.

Lockout IP addresses for too many failed login attempts within a specific period of time, choose how long you would like to ban locked out users for (or permanently ban them), and customize your lockout message. You can also choose to automatically ban IP addresses that try to login with your admin username.

With 404 detection switched on, Defender will keep an eye out for IP addresses that repeatedly request pages on your website that don’t exist and then temporarily block them from accessing your site.

Specify which IP address you could like to blacklist from your site, i.e. completely ban from accessing your site. Alternatively, you can specify which IP addresses you would like to whitelist so you can prevent accidental lockouts.

View lockout logs for the past 30 days for failed login attempts, login lockout, 404 errors and 404 lockouts, as well as the reason why an IP was locked out.

Turn on notifications for yourself or others so you get instant email alerts when an IP address is locked out on your site or when a user repeatedly attempts to hit on non-existent files.

Turn on regular lockout reports and get daily, weekly or monthly updates via email so you’re always in the know when it comes to your website’s security.

Download Defender and see for yourself how our security plugin can help you give hackers the smack-down.

For a full rundown of Defender and all its features, check out our project page.

So, update to the latest version or Download Defender (check it out for free with a 14 day trial!) and see for yourself how our security plugin can help you give hackers the smack-down.