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Loved by the likes of Chris Coyier (master and commander of all-things CSS-Tricks) and Pippin Williamson (one of the WordPress-community’s leading plugin developers), WP Migrate DB Pro is a premium WordPress plugin with the primary function of allowing you to copy a WordPress database from one location to another — both quickly and easily!

Those of you who have ever had to migrate a database before will know that downloading a MySQL database and then re-uploading it can often be both time consuming and problematic due to timeouts and the dreaded file-upload limit in PHPMyAdmin (although this can admittedly be modified via php.ini if you happen to know what you’re doing).

WP Migrate DB Pro essentially lets you push and pull databases from one location to another — which is super useful if you want to duplicate your live website to a test environment or if you want to later replace and/or keep in sync the database on a live website with one on your local installation, for example.

Let’s take a closer look at what this fantastic plugin can do:

Using WP Migrate DB Pro

WP Migrate DB Pro has three main functions, allowing you to: export your database, pull your database from a location, and push your database to a different location.

Once initiated, WP Migrate DB Pro will present you with two find and replace fields, both of which are essential if you’re pushing or pulling a database, as you will need to change the references from the host website to the target website in order for things to work as intended. If you’re simply saving the database to your computer however, you can compress your database using Gzip and delete the find and replace fields as they’re not necessary.

WP Migrate DB Pro Review-ThemesReviewCentral

By default, all tables will be backed up and/or migrated or, if you prefer, you can select only specific database tables that you want to back up. Additionally, WP Migrate DB Pro also allows you to exclude certain post types from the backup.

WP Migrate DB Pro Review-ThemesReviewCentral

Advanced options give you the ability to replace Globally Unique Identifiers, exclude spam comments, and exclude transients. Additionally, users also have the options of ensuring the database is compatible with older versions of MySQL and creating a unique name for each backup profile for future/repeat use.

WP Migrate DB Pro Review-ThemesReviewCentral

Once you’ve clicked the migrate button at the bottom of the page, WP Migrate DB Pro will start the backup of your file. A pop-up notification message will be displayed once the backup and/or migration is complete.

WP Migrate DB Pro Review-ThemesReviewCentral

The process of pushing or pulling a database is much the same. However, in addition to completing the find and replace fields, you also need to enter a secret key — which you’ll find on the plugin settings page.

WP Migrate DB Pro Review-ThemesReviewCentral

In the settings area, you’ll then be able to specify whether push requests and pull requests are allowed, and enabling SSL verification should you need it.

There’s also an option to exclude specific plugins from migration requests and the maximum request size of files can be adjusted to reduce the risk of throttling during the migration process.

At the bottom of the page is an option to enter your license information, which will enable your install to receive automatic updates and support.

WP Migrate DB Pro Review-ThemesReviewCentral

Most plugin developers include a link to their support forum or ticket support system within the plugin admin area. However, WP Migrate DB Pro goes one better than this by integrating a support form directly into the plugin! This may seem like a small feature, however it’s something I wish plugin developers did more often because it really does help to streamline the process of receiving support should it ever be required!

WP Migrate DB Pro Review-ThemesReviewCentral

And that’s really about all there is to it! Everything is fairly self-explanatory and easy to navigate. Plus, as already mentioned, reassuringly, there’s also support from the developers available should your migration not work correctly (something that’s hopefully highly unlikely to happen of course).

WP Migrate DB Pro Addons

The developer and elite versions of the plugin includes two addons.

The Media Files addon helps you sync media files between two websites by looking at uploaded media files on the remote website to see if anything is new or anything has been updated. With this particular addon, files that are no longer available on the remote website can also be deleted from the local website.

WP Migrate DB Pro Review-ThemesReviewCentral

The other addon that’s included is CLI Addon, which allows you to run migrations from the command line or by calling a PHP function.

Additionally, there’s also a third addon that adds support for WordPress Multisite tools addon planned for future release.

The Cost of WP Migrate DB Pro

There are three licenses available for WP Migrate DB Pro: Personal, Developer, and Elite.

All versions come with all features and updates for a single user, whom can then also take advantage of the integrated support services (note: there isn’t currently an option to add or allow other team members to ask for support).

A personal license retails at $90 and allows use on up to 12 websites. The developer license costs $199 and allows use on up to 100 websites, and the elite license costs $450 and allows use on up to a whopping 200 websites. Both the developer and elite licenses add support for WordPress multisite and include Media Files and CLI Addon.

WP Migrate DB Pro Review-ThemesReviewCentral

In addition to the pro-version, there’s also a free version of the plugin available. In comparison to the pro-version however, it’s really very limited, since it only allows you to save a backup of your website — and cannot be used to push or pull a database, which is of course the main selling point of the pro-version. Furthermore, the free version neither lets you choose which tables to backup or gives you the ability to exclude certain post types.

Final Thoughts on WP Migrate DB Pro

There’s a huge market for website backup/migration solutions for WordPress. What sets WP Migrate DB Pro apart from the competition is the ability to easily push and pull databases from two different locations — thereby making it the perfect plugin for syncing the content of a local installation and a live website! Additionally, it also makes for a great solution to the problem of transferring a website’s database to either a new domain and/or a completely new hosting setup.

In short: if you use a test installation to test changes to a live WordPress website, WP Migrate DB Pro will almost certainly save you a lot of time and energy (and thereby money if you’re doing all this for clients). If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend checking it out!

Oh, and one final thing — lest we forget to mention: we’ve teamed up with the folks at Delicious Brains (the makers of WP Migrate DB Pro) to offer WinningWP fans a handsome 20% discount! Enjoy!

Using WP Migrate DB Pro yet? Thoughts?