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There is nothing that should be holding you back with our highly compelling collection of the best WordPress podcasting themes. An entirely new specter of possibilities opens up for you without the need to be a tech wizard. In other words, you can launch a website for your podcast even without having any coding skills. That is why a dedicated WP theme for podcasters comes very handy. It has it all ready and predefined for you. The beautiful web design, the audio player and all other tools and necessities. Go beyond having a highly successful iTunes feed with thousands upon thousands of downloads.

Even if you reach a certain level of success, you do not have to be plateauing. There is so much more you can do with your podcast show especially when having a website built specifically for it. Just look at all the successful podcasters, there is barely any who does not have an official page. You should be or become one of those, too.

With a responsive and beautiful WordPress podcasting theme, you can make your audio show look even more professional. It unlocks even more advertising options for you and has a player you can link with your feed on your WordPress site. No need to be driving traffic to iTunes or SoundCloud anymore, you can have it all in one location. With this in mind, not only will your podcast grow, but your website just as well. You win more than once.

Do not be left behind, whether you are starting new or you are in the podcasting business for a while, have your overall appearance of the highest standards. On your website, you can also start a blog, write about your episodes and use it for content marketing. You see, there are so many different ways how to boost your podcast and grow an enormous audience. Shall we begin?

11 Most Functional WordPress Podcasting Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Vice is an all-in-one ultimate WordPress music theme that you can use for all sorts of purposes. It covers all aspects of the music industry, from bands, DJs, singers and, of course, podcasters. With a ton of people already using it, you, too, will greatly benefit from it. Even if you are a very picky user, Vice will do the work and make sure it takes care of all of your desires.

Since responsiveness and mobile friendliness is key for listeners, that is something you should not be lacking. In the modern days we are living, almost everyone is using their smartphones to listen to podcasts. Just like with Vice, you will offer great user experience to every fan with all WordPress podcasting themes you find in this collection. And with the off canvas menu, you ensure great navigation across your whole page.

There is also a sophisticated audio player that comes with Vice theme. It updates automatically, offers invisible mode and helps you add the entire feed to the player’s list with ease. For podcasters exclusively, you get a special post type which displays your episode in a contemporary way.

You can set the audio to start playing upon your sites load and feature a video in the background. Vice gives you full control over whether or not the video background plays audio or not. Or you can just decrease the volume so it does not cause distractions.
Modify the theme to your likings and craft a unique home for your successful podcast show.

11 Most Functional WordPress Podcasting Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Hence the name, Podcaster helps you build and manage your own podcast website easily and efficiently. It is an entirely responsive WordPress theme for podcasters which supports both audio and video formats. The theme is very adaptable and does not have a problem meeting the needs and requirements of podcasters. Moreover, it is fully set and optimized for BluBrry PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting plugins.

Podcaster is ready for retina displays and allows you to customize it to your likings. Pick light or dark template, implement your preferred color, choose fonts and create custom headers for every page of your website. Parallax scrolling is also included for custom header images to make an even stronger first impression. The front page of your WordPress podcasting website built with Podcaster lets guests listen to new episodes and even watch videos. You can link header with your subscriptions services, like iTunes or RSS, and have podcasts featured right below.

As for your podcast archive, make sure you have it all set so listeners can have quick access to your episode. Use a featured picture for the episode and it will also appear as a cover within the archive. You also have control over how many entries you would like to feature per page.

Along with all the podcast features, Podcaster also sports a sticky header, allows you to edit footer and supports Disqus comments. To make a long story short, Podcaster is a very simple and basic, yet super versatile, WordPress podcasting theme.

11 Most Functional WordPress Podcasting Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Soundbyte is a very modern and elegant podcast theme for WordPress users which comes with a premium audio and video player. Of course, the player is free of charge and instantly adapts to the streaming device of choice. For the quickest solution, Soundbyte builds your website in just a mere minutes due to the practical one click demo install. Indeed, you can do all sorts of tweaks and improvements along the way. Turn Soundbyte into the website you always dreamt about owning. Now you can with the WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress, known as Visual Composer. You can construct custom pages in little to no time. That said, approach the website building for your podcast without any boundaries.

Start a blog and even sell products with Soundbyte. The theme is fully eCommerce ready so you can effortlessly bring something new to your existing audience. In the menu, you can also include a very visible “Donate” button for all the listeners who are into supporting your show and keeping it alive for years to come.

Modify footer, change fonts, and implement the colors you dig the most. Build contact form and translate your website into any language you want. Soundbyte is also search engine optimized for you to start driving in that craved organic traffic. For any help and guidance, you can always contact the trusted support, and they will be happy to assist you.

11 Most Functional WordPress Podcasting Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
No questions asked, Onair2 supports all the latest podcasting technologies which make your website crafted with it of the highest standards. It has you sorted with the popular page builder, Tuneln app icons, events carousel and more. Onair2 supports 11 custom post types, 7 custom widgets and 14 custom shortcodes. Developing a unique site with this first-class WordPress podcasting theme is a no-brainer. Along the way, you will find all the fantastic secret gems that will enhance your online presence and skyrocket your podcast.

A ton of predefined pages to choose from, a custom animated header and a clean and commented code will bring your site building to the next level. Also, the Onair2 theme is well documented for everyone to get a chance to put together a page of original web design. Additionally, child theme comes included for everyone willing to make something even more advanced out of it.

Onair2 WordPress theme is well matched with SoundCloud, MixCloud and YouTube. Also, it features a ready-to-use MP3 player rich in features to make your life a whole lot simpler. Bring to your audience a polished podcast that they can enjoy from wherever they want. Ensure them to listen to your audios on the go and always keep them updated with the latest episodes. With an innovative website for your podcast, you can turn your existing business into something way bigger.

For everyone interested in learning more, read our insightful Onair2 theme review.

11 Most Functional WordPress Podcasting Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Yet another fantastic WordPress podcasting theme which will bring your show to an entirely different chapter. Viseo does not require any coding skills since it uses the useful drag and drop page builder. You can create custom pages all on your own without touching a single line of code. A theme which comes ideal for news, videos and, lastly, podcast websites. No matter which path you choose, or all of them, with Viseo, your page will look as modernistic as possible. There is even demo content included which you can use as is or adjust it to your podcast’s needs. See the demo first to get an actual idea what is possible with Viseo.

From premium slider, unlimited colors, mega menus, SEO optimized and so much more, Viseo is no joke. The theme is packed with goodies, extensions and all the necessary elements for your super podcasting page. Premium audio and video player is included which supports all the devices, mobiles, tablets and desktops. Basically, you do not have to worry about anything technical. It is all brought to you on the platter, you just need to put it to use.

For the front page, you can choose between 3 predefined options. The first one is slider with embeds, the second slider with a link and the last one slider with lightbox. But this is only the quick option. At any time, you can create your own versions and individualize the theme how you fancy. Viseo is also eCommerce ready and gives you total freedom regarding translating it into the language of your audience.

11 Most Functional WordPress Podcasting Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
If you are laucnhing a coaching website, Life Coach WordPress theme is a great option for you. It comes ready with all sorts of elements, like testimonials, team members, videos, events calendar, online shop and, for us most important, podcast. Along with all the content and learning material, life coaches also offer regular podcasts. It is a great option to reach your students while on the go or to guide them when listening. The theme comes with a podcast style post where you can feature as many shows as you would like. Displaying podcast is possible with dedicated podcast archives and podcast category archives. You can also create stunning filterable podcast carousels which you can then add to any page you would like.

Life Coach theme has predefined demos in store for you to speed up the developing and designing process. As always, use the one you prefer most as is or add your personal touch to it. Customize it and make it stand out from the crowd. You can quickly start a blog where you can further promote your podcast episodes and grab the attention of search engines. To offer your readers even more, Life Coach is WooCommerce ready.

In total, Life Coach has more than 1,500 icons to choose from, is fully integrated with the Visual Composer and has you covered with a child theme. Free lifetime updates, video tutorials, and pro-level support are all available to theme users.

11 Most Functional WordPress Podcasting Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Bands, musicians and podcasters, if you haven’t yet decided which WP theme to pick, consider Audonic. It is a modern, simple and stylish tool for your fabulous audio shows. If you would like to go straight to the point without the extra clutter, this might be the ideal theme for you.

Audonic focuses on the mobile users and ensures everyone who stumbles across your podcast a great listening experience. It works with the native audio and video players and does not shy away from oEmbed. The theme is available in both dark and light layouts and so are the players to be a perfect match.

On the front page, everyone interested can download your audios for later offline entertainment. Index page also allows you to link services like iTunes and SoundCloud. Showcase latest podcasts, blog posts, events and more. Hero and Feature sliders greet your visitors and make them interested to learn more.

If you follow the rule of simplicity and minimalism, give Audonic a peek. Like all of our other WordPress podcasting themes, Audonic will make your podcast appear gorgeous on the world wide web. With the included documentation, you can hammer out a page with an attractive design that others will envy you. Play around with theme functions and start attracting new ears.

11 Most Functional WordPress Podcasting Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Dixie is nothing close to being a complicated WordPress podcasting theme. It is pretty much a complete opposite. It is very minimal in design with robust features for every podcaster out there who needs to create a website. With or without coding knowledge, the Elementor plugin does most of the work anyways. You can choose two paths. First, you can use the templates available and start from there. Or the second option, use the powerful plugin to construct new pages from scratch.

One of the best options of Elementor is that you can build your site in real-time and see the changes you make immediately. Creating an original piece of web art will not be a problem. Add your website a distinctive look and construct a serious attention grabber.

Since it supports different podcasting plugins, like PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting, along with embeds from SoundCloud, MixCloud and YouTube, Dixie is great for all podcasters. Highly compatible and customizable theme for WordPress podcasters which is SEO and speed optimized. Furthermore, you can translate the theme and let users enjoy browsing and listening to podcasts from all devices. Share who is behind the microphone and have a subscription box ready to grow a mailing list. Feeling intrigued by it?

11 Most Functional WordPress Podcasting Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
No matter the topic and niche of your podcast, you sure are in the game to entertain. Even if it does not feel quite like so, that is a fact. Whether you are in the showbiz, you want to educate your fans or you want to talk about Star Wars, Entertainer is a responsive WordPress podcasting theme. It goes way beyond that, but that we will let you discover on your own. Since, you know, it is always fun seeing how much you can accomplish with a flexible WP theme. But one thing is for sure, your podcast will shine in an entirely new light with Entertainer.

The theme is cool and awesome, feels almost friendly, what will have a great impact on your precious audience. Show your expertness and make others start following you and have their days complete with your voice.

With the Entertainer WP theme for podcasters, you can feature a whole lot more than just audios. Templates are specifically crafted for videos, tour dates and upcoming shows, portfolio and a riveting blog.

What you will find special about Entertainer theme is the index page. It only features a full screen promotional photo and not much else. Whether or not that is your style it is up to you, however, it is definitely not mundane. You do want to stand out, right? Bear in mind, you can add featured content to the home page by using the Jetpack plugin.

Entertainer also works with WooCommerce plugin, sports a responsive layout to appear fluently on mobile devices and helps you build a form with Gravity Forms.

11 Most Functional WordPress Podcasting Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Remix is a responsive Ajax WordPress theme for podcasters with a very modernistic look. As a matter of fact, there are many looks available in form of different predefined demos. Each demo even comes as a default or Ajax version to give you even more options. Pick what you find fitting your business the most and start improving what already works. Every demo comes with the one-click importer for you to have a workable website for your podcast ready in no time. To make adjustments, the intuitive drag and drop page builder makes it all 10 times easier. Quickly deploy something that has not been done yet and impress your devoted crowd of listeners.

The performance of Remix follows the highest standards. It is cross browser compatible, optimized for search engines and the loading speed is lightning fast. There are more than $100 worth of plugins included, like Slider Revolution, Master Slider, Total Cache and bbPress. WooCommerce, as well, so you can start selling merch straight from the comfort of your podcast website.

Fullwidth and boxed layouts, dark and light versions, RTL ready and so much more is what Remix WordPress podcasting theme is all about. There two wonderful players available with embed codes for listeners to freely share them on their pages. One is the classic player while the other one is Soundmanager 360. That’s it, let’s begin.

11 Most Functional WordPress Podcasting Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
While Writer theme is exclusive for writers and bloggers, podcasters find it interesting too. It is all due to theme’s content sharing features which are fully compatible with the audio format. Not only that, the design is very elegant, as well, which focuses on your magnificent content first. Animations on the scroll are present, however, in just the right amount to make it even more fun to browse the page.

Writer’s three pre-made home pages help you quicken up the website building process. Select the one that feels right for you, and it will help you save a ton of time that you would otherwise need for development. All there is you must do is to add content, alter the theme if demanded and you are ready to shine. Installing, managing and updating Writer theme will be easy as pie. Of course, the product is responsive, touch friendly and all section support swipe effect.

In general, Writer is not officially a WordPress podcasting theme, but you can still achieve fantastic results with it as a podcaster. You might be a writer or a blogger who would like to add an audio version of articles and book chapters to your site. By all means, feel free to do it.