After unzipping the template package you will find 3 folders: “screenshots”, “site”, “site_flash” and another zip archive called “” which you are to unzip. You may check the video tutorials on how to unzip the template package below:

While unzipping “” archive you will be prompted to enter a password, which you
can find at your Product Download Page (open the link in the email you received from our company).

You should now have 4 folders in total: “screenshots”, “site”, “site_flash”, “sources”

 Your type of template includes 2 versions of the same design: one with a Flash (animated) layout, and the
other – with HTML (static) layout. Refer to the corresponding section of the instructions below, depending
which version of the template you would like to use:

 If the template uses some non-standard fonts in the design, then those are provided with the template

After you unzip the template package, there can be a file “fonts_info.txt” there you will find font name and download link If the above mentioned file is missing, then the fonts are probably part of the template package. Open the folder “sources” and look for the folder “fonts”. After the fonts have been downloaded/located, you need to copy them into the C:/Windows/fonts directory

Software Required: You can download trial (30 days free) versions by the links below

Adobe Dreamweaver (or Microsoft Expression Web)

a) Editing HTML page content
All the editable HTML files are located in “site” folder of the template package (index.html, index-1.html,
index-2.html, etc.) Each index-#.html file represents one page of the template.

To open .html file with Adobe Dreamweaver software, you should right mouse click on the file, and in the
context menu select Open with -> Adobe Dreamweaver. The file is opened and you can start editing it.
Please, check this link for general instructions on how to work with Adobe Dreamweaver and .html files
Working with HTML

b) Photoshop files
Photoshop files are located in “sources/psd” folder and required for editing some text titles in the template,
that were created using non-standard fonts. Example below will show you how to determine if such fonts are
used in your template. Please, look at the 2 example screenshots below

Flash template quick guide |-ThemesReviewCentral
Flash template quick guide |-ThemesReviewCentral

The first screenshot shows a complete web template layout, while the second is what you see when you open “site/index.html” file with your web browser. All those “missing” elements on the second screenshot (top menu titles, banner titles, etc.) should be edited/updated via .psd files.

Please, check the video tutorial by this link on how to work and save content from .psd file into your web page How to save for web

Also, please pay attention to this video tutorial concerning saving slice that are overlapped by other slices, and big slices such as backgrounds Photoshop. How to use bring to front feature

If the HTML layout of your template looks complete and doesn’t have any missing titles, then your template is using Cufon technology which allows embedding non-standard fonts using JavaScript, so all the text can be
edited directly in .html files.

By default template fonts support only Latin characters, embedding special characters (Latin with acute,
Greeks, Cyrilic, etc.) requires recompiling javascript font provided with the template. Please, check the following tutorial on how to do that
How to use cufon feature

Software Required: You can download trial (30 days free) versions by the links below

Adobe Dreamweaver (or Microsoft Expression Web)

a) Editing Flash layout
Editable flash file (.fla) is located inside “sources/flash” folder of the template package. Open .fla file with
Adobe Flash software and start customizing it to your needs. If you don’t have experience with Flash, please
check the link below for general guidelines and video tutorials:
Working with Flash

b) Photoshop files
Please, refer to 4.b paragraph of the current document

In order to make your site “live”, you need to upload specific template files from your local computer to your
hosting server.
Depending on the version of the template you selected (Flash or HTML) you should upload content of the
corresponding folder:

This video tutorial will show you how you can upload files to your host using free FTP management software
FileZilla (you may use any other software you like, or upload directly via Hosting Cpanel)
How to upload files to server