In the internet age, programming can be a very lucrative business. However, there is a line that must be drawn between programming and web development. Individuals can be both programmers and website developers, as these skill sets are not mutually exclusive.

Although there is a lot of cross pollination between these two fields, a crucial difference remains: artistic creativity.

Programming is a science, meticulous and predictable in its precision. On the other hand, web development is an art form. It is about drawing an emotional response from the site visitor, and harnessing your sense of harmony and balance. If left to their own devices, many programmers would have a highly-efficient websites that would somehow lack charm.

Basically, these professions are two sides of the same coin: the programmers provide the brick and mortar, while the web developer decorates and puts up wallpaper. Thankfully, WordPress has themes that were designed by people from both camps. These products are nothing short of extraordinary. They manage to perfectly balance beauty and practicality, assuring both mass appeal, and search engine optimization. Themes are also cheaper than the alternative, as hiring a web development company can be quite expensive. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for programmers:

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Any list that showcases WordPress themes must include this one. Divi has a remarkable ability of taking existing concepts, and perfecting them. It does not fix what is not broken, it just makes it better. For example, many themes allow for great flexibility when it comes to visual customization.  However, the tools themselves can be quite clunky and counter-intuitive. Divi has solved that problem by going back to the basics. Your entire site interface will be divided into bite-sized chunks called modules or blocks. With this change, you will be able to easily manipulate the layouts, and personalize them as you see fit.

Although Divi can be used for programmer websites, you don’t have to be an expert in order to enjoy it.  Every element will include a Custom CSS tab, where personal CSS can be applied. Coding knowledge can give you an advantage, but it is not mandatory. Continuing its theme of accessibility, Divi offers full support for all platforms. Your content will work with mobile devices and desktop PCs. Potential customers and site administrators can benefit from this degree of freedom, as it allows them to access your site on the go. If you wish to explore Divi’s features, you can access a live theme preview our read our review.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentralUncode is an enormously vast, fresh and youthful, colorful and customizable, tech-savvy and rapidly responsive WordPress creative multiuse website theme. Uncode is a powerful and empowering website building platform meant for webmasters from absolutely any background that need to quickly and effective put together professional quality websites that can meet the expectations of a diverse set of usage cases and niche market applications or generalized purposes with minimal hassle and ready to go live the same day you set up.

With Uncode, achieving elegance and functionality is uncomplicated, owing to sophisticated premium plugins like the Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Isotope Masonry Grid, which constitute a strong framework for your creative freedom. 30 unique conceptual demo homepages are available for you to get things started, and commercial webmasters will love the ease of setting up shop online with Uncode, which cleverly integrates the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite to great effect, allowing you to simply add your products and market your wares to a broad online audience. SEO enhancements ensure your websites will quickly climb to the top of all the relevant search engines, greatly aiding in monetizing your websites, while a lightweight, Bootstrap responsive codebase rounds off this solid theme.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

If you are an ambitious programmer who wishes to construct an incredible website, look no further than Genesis Framework. This incredible product is packed with premium features, enabling advanced customization and superior functionality. Although Genesis Framework seeks to aid programmers, it is not a theme that exclusively caters to this niche. In fact, anyone can create astounding pages with a minimum amount of effort.

Your site will be completely optimized for search engines. With intimate knowledge regarding keywords, web traffic and coding, the developers have create a product that can climb search engine rankings. Users can select a single-column or multiple-column design, and variable sidebar positions. A customized background was introduced, allowing for greater visual customization. In addition, full-width templates and custom menus were added.

If you wish to sample Genesis Framework without spending any money, there is a theme demo for both PC and mobile devices. A fully-responsive interface is crucial for success, in today’s ever-changing environment. Thankfully, your page will work with any screen size, resolution, operating system or browser. Upon purchase, customers will benefit from a limitless series of updates. This assures that their site will stay updated, capable of adapting to the relentless progress of the technological field.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

Salient is an exemplary WordPress theme that can improve your site, and bring more customers to your door. It is entirely responsive, able to showcase content on the screen of any device. Regardless of resolution, browser preference or operating system, Salient will look amazing. Once you buy this theme, you can benefit from a lifetime of free updates. This guarantees that any site can keep up with the dynamic, ever-changing technological environment. In addition, customers can enjoy a top-quality support system. Salient representatives are friendly, and eager to help.

The code of this theme is very well-written, streamlined and optimized. This assures high compatibility with search engines, allowing users to swiftly climb search engine rankings. Also, your site will feature Yoast SEO compatibility, putting you in charge of your own content. With Salient, nothing is off-limits. This innovative product does not require any specialized knowledge, allowing customers to easily personalize pages.

While other themes have one icon set, yours will have three: Linecons. Steadysets, and Font Awesome Icons. They can be easily selected by accessing the Visual Interface. If profit is your goal, you are able to create incredible online stores via the WooCommerce plugin. In addition, an AJAX shopping cart was included.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

Ronneby is the quintessential WordPress theme. It has very powerful core features, and a layout that never fails to impress customers. This product exudes charm, and it is capable of increasing your page’s view count. Of course, problems might occur during installation and personalization. For any issue, do not hesitate to contact the excellent support desk. The support representatives are very polite and eager to help. For those who wish to learn more about Ronneby and it features, an online documentation source was added. This document is well-written and informative.

Over 40 incredible layouts were added. If you are short on time and cannot afford to start from scratch, pre-made content can be very useful. In just a few minutes, a customer can benefit from a fully-functional page. There are stylish portfolio and blog options, allowing you to display your well-written posts. In addition, many premium WordPress plugins were added for free. For example, Slider Revolution facilitates the creation of eye-catching slides. This assures that your best posts and content can be featured front and center. Thanks to the Visual Composer plugin, any visual personalization option is possible. You get to hold the reins of your own site by customizing every single element.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

If you are looking for a flexible, reliable and innovative WordPress theme, look no further than Unicon. This product can simplify your job as site owner, by introducing a large number of helpful, practical features. Every site element will be under your control, and you will only be limited by what you can imagine. Unicon aims to be the everyman’s theme, accessible even to those who lack professional training or programming skills. A classic one page layout is available, in addition to a multi-page format. You will be able to design small personal pages, or massive, sprawling corporate sites. Regardless of your business niche, Unicon can satisfy all requirements.

Of course, every respectable business person aims to make a profit. This theme can help you by bringing more people to your site, and increasing your view count. Also, you can supplement that advertising revenue with merchandising. Thanks to the implementation of WooCommerce, users are able to distribute their products or services via online stores. This can raise awareness regarding your quality brand. In order to facilitate the installation and customization process, a detailed online documentation source was incorporated. In addition, there are also informative tutorial videos and a live theme preview.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

Avada is an eye-catching theme for WordPress sites. It offers great levels of flexibility, as it is capable of fitting any online business niche. With this product, you can design both personal sites, and massive corporate pages. Regardless of the niche, Avada can adapt to every role. It has earned nothing but praise from a grateful customer community. With over 150,000 copies sold, it is obvious that this is one of WordPress’s finest themes. The developers are willing to support every client who purchases Avada. Not satisfied with resting on their laurels, they will add more content via updates, assuring that your site can adapt to a dynamic, modern online marketplace.

This theme’s main feature is the Fusion Core plugin. This is a bundle that offers incredible tools such as the user-friendly page builder, the Fusion Builder, MegaMenu, ShortCode Generator, Fusion Slider, and so on. In total, $75 of free content was added, sparing you from having to purchase additional plugins. Avada has an amazing ability that allows it to fit any screen size. While other products experience resizing issues, your site will be entirely responsive. If you wish to sample this theme and its incredible capabilities, be sure to access the live preview.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

H-Code is a minimalistic multipurpose WordPress theme. It comes with 31+ multi page homepages, 26+ one page design homepage. It fits needs and disguises user friendly actions with practical common sense choices. You get many pre-built shortcodes to simplify admin panel access. H-Code provides custom widget, numerous headers and footers and full social media sharing. You will get a fast performance enhanced in several ends. H-Code is SEO and speed optimized aside having compatibility with W3 Total Cache. In case of any doubts, start debating with a 5 star quality custom support team.

H-Code is Bootstrap based with HTML5 and CSS3 help, and Visual Composer built. It features Revolution Slider, OWL slider and Bootstrap slider. On other notice, Contact Form 7 fully compatible and theme is WPML integrated. A child theme and advanced jQuery features are available too. H-Code is made for users at all levels, but programmers and coding experts have the most fun with it. You’ll get detailed online user guide for the tech curious. Online documentation in general and tutorials are very complete. HD Narrative videos are available. Get constant free updates in lifetime and play around with this dense and complex tool. Try H-Code right now!

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

Staying true to its name, this theme bridges the gap between personal and professional websites. It offers every technological advantage, while maintain a comfortable degree of user-friendliness. Regardless of your profession or business niche, Bridge can be your greatest ally. On average, multilingual sites manage to gather more views, due to their accessible nature. In order to appeal to more demographics and broaden your follower base, you can now translate every line of your site. Your foreign customers will certainly appreciate the extra effort.

A specialized search function was incorporated into the site, improving the customer’s browsing experience. This is very useful if you have a content-rich page. No more endless scrolling through countless posts. Simply type in what you want, and go directly to the targeted article. While other themes offer eyesore menus that manage to clutter the interface, Bridge has an easy to customize Full Screen Menu. It is very well-designed, reducing screen clutter.

For your blog, some incredible layouts were added. Also there are several portfolio variations. Your posts will certainly have their own look and feel. Ajax page transitions and several landing page templates were introduced. Bridge has multiple header skin variations, and some incredible Parallax effects.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

Themesey is a quality theme for WordPress sites that never fails to impress.  It has a flexible and adaptive design that can fit any market niche. This can be your first and last theme, as there is no need to ever replace Themesy. With a large number of incredible features, you will be able to increase your view count and revenue.

Despite its impressive power, this theme insists on being very user-friendly. Given that it does not require any specialized knowledge, it opens its doors to all users. From start to finish, even a novice can create a functional web page in a matter of moments.  However, nobody needs to start from scratch. There are 16 incredible pre-made demos, and they can be imported via the one-click import module. This content can save you a lot of time.

Further customization is also possible, as users tweak and alter their site’s design. By implementing a semantic markup code, this theme assures that your pages will be optimized for search engines. As a result, your search engine rankings will certainly increase. Your project’s positioning and conversion ratio can be altered in order to enhance the viewer’s browsing experience. Overall, Themesy is a WordPress theme that can improve every aspect of your site.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

Sturlly is a WordPress theme that must be part of any professional’s arsenal. It has various theme options and pre-designed layouts, allowing it to fit any business niche. This product was well-designed, documented and tested in order to increase your change of success. Sturlly can be used for personal portfolio, company, travel, fashion, interior, personal resume, and design agency website. Regardless of its purpose, it will accomplish all objectives with ease.

Incredible sliders are introduced, each with various typography options. These sliders can showcase your greatest accomplishments, and display your well-written posts. Basically, they allow customers to put their best foot forward. While other themes offer bland design elements, Sturlly allows you to express your individuality. There are 8 different pre-made color schemes, 3 design variations, and 8 pre-made layouts. It should be mentioned that each layout is catered towards a specific business niche.

This product incorporates an awesome pie chart function. This allows you to showcase your skills and talents in a gorgeous, fully-animated pie chart. Although it was much easier to simply list accomplishments, Sturlly wanted to make it special. Your potential employers will certainly appreciate the extra effort. For more information regarding this product and its features, be sure to access the live demo.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentralThemo is a resourceful and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Themo is a perfect platform for webmasters from any background and purpose. You can deploy convenient solutions for a range of applications within a few clicks. You don’t need to learn a line of coding to get professional quality pages with Themo. Fit for any purpose, Themo lets you present sophisticated websites to the world at large. The Visual Composer lets you put together impressive layouts that fit your needs. The unique Parallax Composer empowers you to animate your website creatively.

Deploy engaging slideshows with the Revolution Slider, VC Carousel and Layer Slider. With Themo, you are in charge of every element of your website’s presentation. Fine-tune your audience’s navigational experience to your heart’s content with Themo. Real customization through flexible layer based platforms lets you create unique pages. Every Themo website is a completely malleable expression of your project’s identity. Make a lasting impression on your audience and let your voice be heard. Showcase your portfolios in creative style and present your business to the world. Themo’s flexibility makes it the perfect theme for every need. Give your website endeavors a boost and make it big, with Themo!

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

Every minute, thousands of blog and business sites are created. When part of such a large crowd, you need a theme that can help you stand out. Staying true to its name, It’s Me is a WordPress product that expresses individuality and innovation. It can be used to enhance photographer, freelancer, architect, developer, artist and freelancer web pages. Regardless of your market niche, this theme can be your greatest ally.

It incorporates a large number of personalized shortcodes, and each shortcode has a unique styling options. The theme options are intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to properly customize your page. There is no coding knowledge requirements, because It’s Me can be used by anyone.

This theme is compatible with any version of WordPress, and it works with all major browsers. The Visual Composer tool was incorporated as well. This allows the customers to design incredible layouts in a matter of moments. You may include any shortcode, and multiple columns. Revolution Slider 5 is featured, adding some eye-catching slides to your business landing page. Color schemes for pages, backgrounds, and sections can also be personalized. For more information regarding It’s Me, a live preview can be easily accessed.

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The online world offers great opportunity for those who are seeking employment. However, there is no lack of competition. Empathy is a theme that can showcase your online identity, proving to employers that you are worthy of their consideration. It has many personalization features, as users are able to control every aspect of their site.  In order to maximize convenience, a fully functional, responsive layout was added. Thanks to this feature, those who prefer tablets and smartphones can now easily access your site. Compatibility and resizing problems have been completely eliminated. In addition, Empathy will work with all major browsers and operating systems.

Thanks to the live customizer, users care able to make changes while receiving instant feedback. There is no limit to what you can design. 67 Unique Page transition animations are available, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any page. When compared to traditional media, blogs are a more flexible and personal alternative. They allow you to share your thoughts, and update followers regarding your activities. Empathy has a fully-functional blog system that supports all post variations. Upon this digital canvas, customers can paint their story. Every single post can support embedded videos and images of various resolutions or aspect ratios.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

Bionick is a streamlined, fully-flexible theme for WordPress. It can be used in any business niche, as it can enhance your website and increase your view count. It incorporates the Visual Composer plugin, which is arguably the best site builder on WordPress. Visual Composer facilitates site construction, while remaining very user-friendly. It demands no coding or programming knowledge, given that even a child can create a successful page.

The theme layout is compatible with high resolution Retina Displays, and it is entirely responsive. All posts will look incredible on laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets. Site Administrators no longer have to be tied to their desk chairs, as they can now update content from anywhere.

Bionick tries to adapt to its user’s needs by offering a single page and multi-page layout version. This theme respects your time by implementing a Drag and Drop Page builder. In order to personalize your page, you only need to select an element, drag it across the screen, and place it where it needs to be. Customers can also select from an unlimited roster of wonderful colors. With Bionick, you will only be limited by your imagination. If you wish to sample this theme and its features, be sure to check out the live preview.

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MD is an incredible theme for WordPress websites. Although its versatility allows it to fit any role, it is best suited for portfolio, resume, blog, or company web pages. Regardless of your niche, MD can be your greatest ally. Owning a mobile device is a mixed package. While you can benefit from a great degree of mobility, it can be hard for the smaller screen to display complex, multi-page websites. However, MD will never neglect those who prefer browsing with their smartphones and tablets. The product layout is entirely responsive, capable of adapting to all browsers, devices, and operating systems.  Also, your page will be compatible with WordPress 4.1+.

There are modern styling customization features, allowing you to shape a website that matches your vision. Each section has its own background and color, assuring that your site will stay away from uniformity. MD was constructed using Parallax Javascript. In addition, users can select the color and opacity of their post text, and alter background images. It is obvious that MD understands the importance of visual customization. In order to accommodate as many people as possible, the theme has incorporated multilingual capabilities. With this feature, content can be easily translated into several languages.

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Staying competitive when faced with overwhelming competition is both an art form, and a science. Thankfully, Versus Resume is a WordPress theme that understands that struggle, and assures that you will have an inherent advantage. It can be used to construct impressive resumes, CVs and personal pages. It offers an ideal browsing experience across all platforms, web browsers or devices. Mobile users will not encounter any resizing issues while navigating your content. In addition, Versus Resume is Retina-ready, capable of working with high resolution Retina Displays.

Even as a free agent, you have a brand. In fact, you are the brand. How you choose to present yourself is very important. Thankfully, this theme puts every tool at your disposal. You are able to craft a unique image that overshadows all competitors. Users can easily create page layouts, while altering their site’s colors and logos. There is no limit to what you can create.

Even the difficulty barrier was removed. Site owners never have to modify a single line of code, thanks to the personalized Visual Composer feature. In addition, Versus Resume has a powerful Theme Option panel, and a practical Sidebar and Page Layout manager. If you are having trouble during installation, you can always consult the well-written documentation source.

19 Professional WordPress Themes for Programmers 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

Identity is an exquisite WordPress theme for vCard CV web pages. It can be used for Resume, Freelancer and Portfolio sites. Basically, this theme specializes in supporting those who wish to impress potential employers. Identify is not a stagnant, monotone product. Its developers realize that as the environment changes, the theme must do so as well. Free updates are offered, and each update promises to expand your page’s capabilities. Users can rest easy knowing that their content will always keep up with the latest technological trends.

For customers who are just starting out, informative video tutorials were added. Brief and to the point, they can guide you through the customization process. Identity offers a limitless color palette. With so many possibilities, customers can design a page that matches their vision. Also, this product is compatible with high resolution Retina displays and its layout is fully responsive. Smartphone and tablet users can rejoice, given that they can now enjoy the same quality experience as their laptop-using counterparts. It should be mentioned that your page will also work with most major browsers and operating systems. Identity is well coded, optimized for search engines, and it benefits from fast loading speed. The setup process is easy, and there are many useful shortcodes.