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The importance of choosing the right hosting for a website is something that’s all too often underestimated — especially by folk just starting out. The sad reality is that many hosting companies seem to think little of misleading potential new customers by advertising things like ‘unlimited visitors’ — something that whilst may be technically correct in as much as they don’t actually limit the number of visitors who can try to access your site, in reality, they assign nowhere near the necessary server resources to make your website actually capable of receiving anything other than perhaps as little as a few hundred visitors at any one time — in similar fashion, a huge number of hosting companies publicize things like a ‘99.999% uptime guarantee’ that, when actually checked out (usually in some hard-to-find small print buried somewhere on their website), really means next to nothing (some promise to give you back the equivalent of literally just a few cents — often simply as a discount on your next hosting bill — for every few hours your website is offline!)!

In short, it’s sadly all too easy for newbie users to do a bit of research, and then inadvertently make a mistake before they’ve really understood what a good hosting service really is (and isn’t) — usually by opting for a hosting company that promises the world for just a few dollars a month…

…such mistakes can, unfortunately, cost a business dearly!

The reality is that good hosting companies cost good money, and if you’ve made the wrong choice (something you’ll hopefully discover sooner rather than later), the wisest thing to do is to simply admit the mistake and change to a better hosting service as soon as possible.

Which is why we’ve gone ahead and created another in-depth handy guide (to add to our ever-growing collection) covering everything you need to know on the subject.

How to Move a WordPress Website to a New Hosting Service.