Liquid Web Review : Is It Worth Buying?-ThemesReviewCentral

Liquid Web works as Web hosting services provider. Liquid web sustained its name in the list of top growing private companies for continuous 9 years i.e. 2007 to 2015. This is only due to its web hosting services. Liquid web not only hosts your new websites actually it also takes care of the behind logistics moving in it. Liquid web has its own four data centers based in US; one more is going to be start in Amsterdam. Liquid web use all the advantages of the new technologies coming in the market. The best part of liquid web is that they have their own hardware. They don’t take the hardware on leasing. Due to that they have the best control over the plans they give to their customers.

For managed hosting liquid web has three tracks which are main, it does not include the newly launched word press solution. They give continuously varying degrees management to their clients.  For maintenance liquid web has 50+ developers, which offers tons of options for security, storage and speed. The best part of Liquid Web is Liquid web’s Guardian backup service. Liquid web gives three types of support which are: Core managed and second one is self-managed and then third one is fully managed with cPanel.

Liquid Web Review : Is It Worth Buying?-ThemesReviewCentral

Liquid Web was found by Mathew Hill, he is the owner and founder of Liquid web. He was just a 16 years teenager when he established it in 1997. He managed it so well to let it growing so fast by giving attention to its management, being so responsive to clients and 24/7 availability to the customers for support. A substantial financial investment is offered by Madison Dearborn Partners and Liquid web accepted this request in May 2015.  Mr. Jim Geiger was given the title of CEO, due to his investment in the company. These movements in the company took the company to growing graph. The new CEO always focused on the further growth of company.

Liquid web is based in Lansing Michigan (US).  Liquid Web Started its very first data center in 2003. It has some more locations in other countries and also provides Virtual Private Servers (VPS), hosting Products and services, enthusiastic services. The company has given the extraordinary 24/7 support to their clients in the early days of the company.

Despite only 16 employees were working with them. On the introduction of their Heroic Support in 2007 they re brand their Liquid Web as Heroic Support by giving always availability to their customers for support. They guaranteed their customers for instant response though calls and live chats, and farmed that it will not exceed more than one minute. These efforts were the reasons for rapid growth of Liquid Web.

Due to these developments Liquid Web was announced one among the best net promoters in 2015, with scoring 74. This shows the faith and satisfaction of the customers towards company also ensure the reference of the customers for company to others.

Liquid Web Review : Is It Worth Buying?-ThemesReviewCentral

Liquid Web has its best plans which are,

Liquid Web Review : Is It Worth Buying?-ThemesReviewCentral

Liquid Web gives many including standard, Webmaster, professional, Depending on their Clients’ needs. All plans have their own features, cPanel Control panel, nightly backups, unlimited email accounts and seen days a week 24 hours support.

Professional version adds 40gigs of SSD disk space, five free domain names and semi-dedicated, 640gigs of transfer bandwidth and SSL certificate.

Virtual Private Server hosting, is another choice for users. Guaranteed half hour response, 100 network up time and you can also get: 5 terabytes of bandwidth, cPanel, Access to API, Free incoming bandwidth, RAID protected SSD VPS.

In Refund policy it gives some guarantees also, the refunds are only given with the applicability with Service level Agreement only of one Month. If you want to get the refund and want to claim for SLA guarantee, cancellation should be there one month ago the problem arises. The domain cost will be deducted from refund amount the domain of user is registered with liquid web Domain.

Liquid web is consistently giving high security to their customers, backup facility and best customer support which places it name in the list of good web hosting companies. It has gained a trust among the customers. It’s a good web hosting server.

Liquid web also need some developments in its CPUs process, and its plans are expensive, which a small investment user can’t handle, and also it is not useful for them, it can cost high to them. Due to limited Bandwidth supply it is not the first choice of users, but it has great reliability among the old customers that is the only reason of its growth so before having this installed you should know your need and uses of Liquid web.

Liquid Web Review : Is It Worth Buying?-ThemesReviewCentral