Hosting industry has evolved in the last couple of years. Many new companies have come and older are improving day by day. It makes confused people when they are going to select hosting for their websites. Some companies occupy best positions due to their best features whereas some hosting cannot stand in the crowd.

It’s a task when you search suitable hosting for your websites. Different companies offer different features. All those elements are not required for everyone. So before select best hosting for your site you should judge them by your features. Another important part is supported. Many hosting companies mention to provide 24×7 support, but you can’t contact them in your favorable schedule.  So select a host for your website by judging all required factor.

Today I am going to discuss another Hosting plan; that is MissGroup. Let’s see what they offer to us. Checkout MissGroup hosting review below.

MissGroup Hosting Review : An "Unbiased Hosting Review"-ThemesReviewCentral

MissGroup is doing business across the world and its hands full with various internet products from Domain registration to Site Builder. The company’s Headquarter is in Stockholm, and you can find branches in different countries. The company stands with three essential pillars.

Positive Energy is the key to success of this leading Hosting company. It gets them united and creative. Positivity supplies the fuel of success, so they never get down.

Reliability is also a main key factor for succeeding in hosting world. With loyalty, respect, and trust, MissGroup builds up an efficient team and a potential client base.

Believe and love employees can build an expert team and that exactly MissGroup do. They find out the expertise of all people, and it makes them unique.

Miss Hosting:  You can host your domain in Miss Hosting to keep your website safe from malware.

Miss Domain: Register your domain with Miss Domain. Not only you can buy and sell domain under the same roof.

Miss Site: Yes it’s free. Designing a website under Miss Site is free.

Miss Affiliate: Be a business partner of MissGroup. Join their affiliate program and earn money  by placing banners or text links on your website/blog

MissGroup provides cloud-based shared hosting with cPanel. They are offering three different plans under this hosting service.

Basic Plan ($1.25/mo):  If customers purchase this plan, they can run one website with this hosting. They can get 100GB cloud storage with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited shooting facility. If you are running a small company, then this plan is perfectly fit for your website.

Special Offer ($2.50/mo): The customer who is the user of the special offer can install ten sites. This program is designed with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails and 250GB cloud storage. This program is ideal for those sites which are receiving massive traffic for every month.

Ultimate ($3.75/mo): This plan gives you unlimited websites installation facility, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails and unlimited storage. You can get an extra service with this scheme that is free SSL certification.

MissGroup helps you to start your own web hosting business. For the reseller, they have designed three plans. You can see some features which are same for each plan. Like,

Basic ($25/mo):  This program has come with 50GB disk space including 500 GB bandwidth. You can add unlimited websites and create unlimited sub-domains.

Professional ($62.50/mo): MissGroup designs this plan with 100 GB disk space and 1000GB Bandwidth. The company offers you to install countless websites and create unlimited subdomains.

Ultimate ($124.92/mo): You can get 200GB disk space, 5000GB bandwidth, facility to host unlimited website and to create unlimited sub-domains.

With Cloud VPS you can control your server. You get facility to buy IP addresses from more than 114 c-net from any country around the world. You get introduced to monthly and hourly plan under Cloud VPS Servers section.

Missgroup provides Linux, Unix and Windows based dedicated server with SEO hosting solutions. Plans are below:

Professional($145/mo.): This plan is powered by Intel Pentium G3450 3.4GHz 2C, 4 GB RAM, 2 Hard drives with 300GB SAS, 2TB Traffic and RAID 0 – 1.

Premium($165/mo.): Intel Xeon E3-1240L v3 2.0GHz 4C, 8GB RAM, 2 Hard drives with 300GB SAS, 3TB Traffic and RAID 0 – 1 are coming under premium plan.

Ultimate($245/mo.): You can get Intel Xeon E5-2603 v3 1.6GHz 6C, 16 GB RAM, 2 Hard drives with 300GB SAS, 4TB Traffic and RAID 0 – 1 if you buy this plan.

After researching customers’ reviews about MissGroup, I have got to know that maximum MissGroup’s users share their positive feedback about this web hosting. Though MossGroup is a new hosting company, they perform very well. Their reliable and affordable hosting plans make users happy. MissGroup provides 24×7 technical and customer support which is appreciated. You can find their datacenter in various locations across the world so that you can get high-speed server uptime.  They offer some useful features including Webmail, cPanel support and DNS editor. In short, if you are a Start-Up, you can go for MissGroup.

Go For It!!! 😀 😀