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Hello Bar Review: Hands-on With This Flexible Marketing Tool

Read my Hello Bar review for a hands-on look at the pros and cons of this popular freemium tool.Keep reading my full hands-on review to see everything in action…Hello Bar Review: More Than Just Notification BarsDespite its origins as a notification bar tool, Hello Bar now does a lot more than just notification bars.

Can Your Online Business Benefit from SMS Marketing?

A Quick Primer on SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is very popular, depending on what kind of services you use.That’s great news if you’re running the kind of online business where using SMS marketing makes sense, which is what we’re going to talk about next.

6 WooCommerce Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales

Based on this extensive research, we have compiled the top 6 WooCommerce marketing techniques and tactics you can employ to boost sales on your online store.The homepage of your WooCommerce website, for example, can be woven into an interesting tale addressed to the reader.

Social Media Marketing Basics for your WordPress Website

How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Website Audience
However, updating your website and blog can be hard enough, let alone building a social media presence.The Best Social Sharing Buttons Plugins for WordPress

A great free WordPress plugin that adds social sharing buttons to your site is AddThis.

Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Using WordPress

In simple terms, content marketing involves producing high-quality content which is then promoted in order to bring more targeted traffic to your website.Whatever your experience with content marketing and however much time you have to give, the content marketing tips below will start you off in the right direction or boost your current efforts.