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Books on learning WordPress

From setup and configuration to security and optimization, Digging into WordPress is jam-packed with useful information on learning, how to properly install WordPress, and understanding the infamous WordPress loop — to considerably more advanced subjects — such as creating custom taxonomies, the WordPress API and rolling our your own networks with WordPress Multisite.

New Guide: How to Change WordPress Hosting Companies

The importance of choosing the right hosting for a website is something that’s all too often underestimated — especially by folk just starting out.In short, it’s sadly all too easy for newbie users to do a bit of research, and then inadvertently make a mistake before they’ve really understood what a good hosting service really is (and isn’t) — usually by opting for a hosting company that promises the world for just a few dollars a month……such mistakes can, unfortunately, cost a business dearly!

All The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies Compared (2017)

In this article, I’ll be shining a spotlight on specialist managed WordPress hosts — companies whose business relies solely on WordPress hosting — including only those companies that I (and many others) believe to be the very best in the business: Flywheel, Kinsta, Pagely, Pressable, Pressed, Pressidium, WPEngine and WordPress VIP.Some companies offer managed WordPress hosting as a part of their service portfolio, and may leverage the same servers they use for general hosting.

SiteGround vs WP Engine - Which Offers the Best WordPress Hosting?

For this comparison, we’ll be focusing on the GoGeek top-tier shared hosting plan from SiteGround and the shared hosting entry-level Personal plan from WP Engine.Before we get to the details of each service, here’s the pricing information on the SiteGround GoGeek and the WP Engine Personal plans:The $29-a-month Personal plan from WP Engine is the entry-level plan, while GoGeek is the top-tier shared hosting plan from SiteGround.

What is WordPress Hosting? (A Simple Video Explanation)

In case you’re not yet sure how these two types of hosting differ, and which to choose: here’s a handy video explaining both generic web hosting and WordPress-specific hosting (which, for the purposes of brevity, we’ll call simply ‘WordPress hosting‘).In this video we’re going to talk about WordPress hosting, and how it’s different from other kinds of hosting.