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In this six-week series, you’ll learn about the wide range of options available to you if you want to forge a career with WordPress.Missed a tutorial in our WordPress Careers Masterclass series?

If you’re starting out, or simply would like to grow your portfolio, we have compiled 10 of the best WordPress jobs sites where you can find all manner of WordPress jobs.If that’s a thundering yes, there are all these kinds of WordPress jobs waiting for you at ProBlogger Jobs Board.

With the tight competition in the freelance WordPress development space, you shouldn’t expect paid work to just fall in your lap.Yet these setbacks shouldn’t stop you because while you may get rejections, just one positive response could get you work and potentially more work through word of mouth.

In this post, I’m going discuss Cron jobs in general, tell you how WP-Cron jobs are unique, and show you a basic method for how to add Cron jobs to WordPress.”Basically, Cron jobs are an easy way to set up tasks to run automatically, either on a one-time or recurring basis.

If you managed hone and maintain those same creative tendencies through adulthood—and hope to weave them into your career—finding design-centric jobs probably tops your list of concerns, no matter what color you think the sky should be.Luckily, today’s state of technology is digging up more design-centric opportunities, not burying them.