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How to Build an Invoice System on WordPress

In it, you will learn why handling your invoices through WordPress can be a good idea, what’s WordPress’ advantage over solutions like FreshBooks, who should use WordPress for invoices, and lastly, how to build an invoice system on WordPress using your current website.In comparison, you get these benefits once you build your own invoice system on WordPress:But, not to make it too fairytale-like, there are also downsides:In the end, setting up an invoice system on WordPress is a solution worth considering if you are okay with these downsides, and if you tend to use the site a lot on a daily basis.

Hiveage: Elegant Online Invoicing for Designers

Trusted by more than 50,000 small businesses and freelancers from 140 countries, Hiveage has everything you need to send elegant invoices and get paid online.Every design project starts with an estimate or quote: Hiveage lets you create professional estimates with ease and get your client’s acceptance online.