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WooSquare - Easily Sync WooCommerce With Square Point of Sale

If you’re not familiar with Square, Square basically provides an easy way for anyone to accept credit card payments offline.If you exclusively sell online and just want to add Square payments to your WooCommerce checkout, the developers also offer a separate WooCommerce Square Up Payment Gateway plugin.

How to Easily Translate Your WordPress Website

Whether you’re handling a WordPress blog or a media website, a hotel or a corporate website or even if you’re managing a WooCommerce shop.In this article we’ll first describe who you should translate your website for and why, then we’ll focus on key elements required for any multilingual website and we’ll finally explain how you can easily do that using Weglot Translate plugin.

7 Tools for Building Better Prototypes Quickly and Easily

With 2 million-plus users, InVision powers digital product design at nearly three-quarters of the leading Fortune 100 companies.There’s a good reason for it; this product design platform helps designers and their teams prototype, review, refine, and user test their web and mobile products.