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Milano Milano is a creative portfolio WordPress theme for designers who need a stylish home for their work.More Info / Download Demo Werkstatt Werkstatt is a creative portfolio WordPress theme that should appeal to designers of all disciplines.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of free mockup templates for web designers.For instance, it’s not uncommon to see website mockups with a computer in a coffee shop or on a phone in someone’s hand.

For instance, variable fonts allow designers to leverage CSS transitions.Under that same umbrella, it is also possible to create custom font styles when using a variable font.

Needless to say that savvy shoppers and bargain hunters are already on the lookout for the hottest early Black Friday deals of the season.They have more time to consider the options and check out the best Black Friday deals offered.

For the most part, it is the drag and drop technology that all these fashion website builders come with.You can easily use it as your go-to fashion website builder and bring your idea to realization swiftly.

Neither do we, which is why we’re highlighting a couple of nasty mistakes freelance WordPress designers make.But all fail when you take on too much work – work that probably doesn’t affect your bottom line in the first place.

Getting into mobile app market has never been this appealing, and mobile app developer jobs are some of the most sought after.Fair Mobile UI KitKomol Kuchkarov has raised the bar for mobile ui kit developers.

The app takes some time to get used to, but the helpful tutorial will have you creating mood boards and other graphics in minutes.Canva Canva is a versatile graphics-creating program that comes with mood board templates and free images.

There are many web design forums scattered across the internet.There are multiple web design subreddits on Reddit, including web_design, Design Critiques and DesignJobs.

Your Designer ToolboxUnlimited Downloads: 500,000+ Web Templates, Icon Sets, Themes & Design Assets 15 Free Infographic Templates by Hubspot These 15 infographics are packed with color and personality.50+ Editable Infographic Templates If you want to check out a huge package of templates, curated for multiple kinds of job fields, take a look at these infographics.

Various productivity tools for designers, developers, and WordPress users can help make that process more efficient.Awesome stuff, and no accident it is this high on our list of top productivity tools for designers!

I hand-picked these ideas for presents for designers as a way to find inspiration and fight my own Christmas procrastination.Soyan Professional 3D Pen with OLED DisplaySpeaking about 3D, one doesn’t need to own a fancy 3D printer to be a 3D designer.

Really the true value is in the browser webapp that auto-generates color schemes on the fly.Ambiance Ambiance is another color scheme site but it works a little differently.

But the fact is that we’re also running a business – something that can be easy to overlook.Either way, provide the information they’ll need to help your clients access anything you are currently managing.

Our reseller program comes with sweet swag, free hosting and so much more Boost your bottom line by including Flywheel’s managed WordPress hosting as a part of your agency’s services!Read it Or read all of our ebooks FAQ Here are the details about our managed WordPress hosting platform.

Today’s resource will be a essential set of eCommerce psd templates for your design, development arsenal for easy compilation of any eCommerce website design.In this amazing topic we have put together will get you 30+ free eCommerce psd templates which has been made available for personal and commercial projects.

My goal with this post is to curate the best books on typography for all experience levels to help you improve your type design prowess.This book is great for web designers but especially useful for calligraphers and type designers.

And like their WordPress counterparts, Photoshop plugins can also add all sorts of new functionality.Below you’ll find the best Photoshop plugins we could find on the web.

Below you’ll find the best Photoshop plugins we could find on the web.As the name suggests, this service is able to convert Photoshop layers to CSS3.

Adobe’s powerful image-editing is a staple of the web design world.However, while most web designers know their way around Photoshop, there is always more that you can learn.