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If your site isn’t easy to use, users may seek an alternative.Fortunately, there are several ways to test whether your website is mobile-friendly.

However, you may wonder what elements need your attention the most.Fortunately, there are several ways to test whether your website is mobile-friendly.

You can minimize the chances of that happening by ticking off the boxes in this handy checklist for new WordPress websites.Now, imagine you hit the Launch button on D day and a Just Another WordPress Site flashes prominently on the screen.

Some might say that it’s easy getting a WordPress website up and running.This is the last WordPress website creation checklist you’ll ever need.

Which is precisely why you need a WordPress maintenance checklist to ensure each and every part of your WordPress machinery website is oiled.Now, let’s discover a couple of vital items for your next WordPress maintenance checklist.

Have you ever experienced a web design client that texts you during the weekend for tips on social media?What every designer/developer needs is an ideal client checklist, or a list of criteria for each potential client that comes around.

The main demerit of making a free blog using free blogging platforms is that you don’t own your content.To change your WordPress blog’s theme, head over to dashboard >> Appearance (on the left hand option panel) >> themes.

When it comes to On Page SEO, it’s all about improving readers’ experience as well as making your blog posts SEO friendly.If you are looking for an On-Page SEO Checklist to make your blog posts SEO friendly, then you’ll love this post.