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In this article, we will explain what is WordPress VIP, what are the benefits, and what are some good alternatives for it.TechCrunch Benefits of WordPress VIP WordPress.

The Benefits of Using a Staging Environment for Your WordPress Site A staging environment is typically hosted on a private subdomain of your WordPress site for the purposes of building and testing.A mirror image of a live website you want to test new WordPress, plugin, or theme updates on.

This post will be from the perspective of someone (me) who uses WPMU DEV plugins and services in their business, and will give some real world examples.Over time, I’ve replaced other plugins on my client sites (including free and premium plugins) with WPMU DEV ones.

A good website is another place where people can easily access your company and engage with you.A key feature every good website should have is a professional looking design that will catch your visitor’s attention.

In this post, I’d I’m going to highlight 6 major benefits of blogging for your business, and hopefully, convince YOU to start today if you haven’t already done so.It’s no secret that blogging for your business can help to increase search engine visibility for your website.

The term relationship marketing was first introduced in 1986 to the services marketing literature by Dr.Through relationship marketing a blogger or business aims at making a relationship or comfort zone with a client that doesn’t aim at a one off sales.

Having a CDN service working alongside your WordPress powered website is a very good thing if your site is visited throughout the world.These assets on your site are amongst the first topics in need of a CDN.