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Post-answer options can display the right variant just after the user`s selection or after the end of the whole test.Social sharing buttons can be easily added to any of your quizzes, which gives ample opportunities for your content to become really viral.

Got a WordPress Website?Then you need WordPress Book List!

Smart4y Lazy Load is a plugin that enables optimization of the content in posts or pages of your web page for faster loading.The plugin is written in natural Javascript without any Javascript library dependencies – fast and light-weight.

There are the plethora of WordPress membership plugins out there, but not all of them have certain features that you may require in order to create your membership site.The best WordPress membership plugin just got even better with tons of exclusive features.

It is very popular plugin for website’s WordPress blog to attract more clients as well as more blog visitors.With the popularization of Custom Posts Types, Blog designer PRO has emerged to become a fully-featured CMS platform.

The plugin lets you send and create beautifully crafted emails to your subscribers thanks to the built in email builder.Select a specific date, actions or many other options when a certain email should be sent to your subscriber.

It comes with 100+ predesigned opt-in forms and they are all customizable with custom images and text details.All the opt-in forms are fully tested for responsive and displays perfect in all devices.

But you can customize your Instagram social wall not only by choosing a suitable layout.It means, that you can stream virtually any type of Instagram content by means of Grace Instagram Feed Gallery.

You can show your custom objects as Markers on a map and also you can show objects as directory with filters and search near the map.All included maps are geo-calibrated which means you can add markers to those maps simply by entering an address or geo-coordinates.

In this modern age of technology most of the users are walking away from emails to mobile and messaging apps, they even don’t even need their email and password.But the biggest downside of this comes when the user needs to signup to a website (like one built with WordPress), they are asked for their email account.

Publish landing pages independently from your existing theme.All the landing page layouts are fully responsive and fits well on all mobile devices and browsers.

It also helps them clean the network and reduce the database size by deleting unwanted comments, revisions, and sites.It fights spam thanks to a customizable captcha for all WordPress forms, and an option to ban the last used IP address of a given user.

And if you’re really serious about improving your knowledge base daily, you’re well equipped with analytics dashboard, articles feedback and ratings.It even integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to use your favorite tools to check your kb status.

Smart Footer System was created by an Italian group (Metaplugin) and it is a Plugin for WordPress that allows you to create endless footers for your websites in many different ways.Beyond that it’s also possible to build a custom footer block with custom HTML code.

Unfortunately, a lot of parallax WordPress themes, free and premium, have succumbed to clunky, bloated versions of the parallax-scrolling effect.Here are over 35 free and premium parallax WordPress themes and plugins.

The plugin is compatible with WP v.Powerful plugin contains more than 260 various hacks and tweaks which allow users without php and deep programming knowledge configure the engine in its own way.

The WooCommerce Simple Auctions Plugin features powerful wp-admin tools like page with all auction activity, auction history where you can manage bids, setup automatic relist or manually relist auctioned items.Your bidders will be notified by email notifications (with editable templates) about status of their auctions, users can also watch auctions by checking their auctions page or their auctions activity page.

It will show not only photos on your WordPress website, but videos as well.You can set any amount of sources including Instagram users, hashtags or even a photo/video URL.