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If you are a local business, or want to cater to the online audience, you must have a store set up online where you could sell your goods. Having a business blog is very different from creating an online store. The latter allows you to directly sell your goods, deliver them and receive payment from the buyers.

An online store is a platform for mostly small businesses where artists, freelancers and solopreneurs where they can showcase their products and creations and sell them to an online audience. This works because online shopping is the craze among people because it is comfortable to shop for products sitting online at home.

In today’s article, I will walk you through the steps required to create an online store and start selling your products on the web to make more profit. You select the product, make payment online and you get the product shipped to your home.

Building simple business websites is not that tough nowadays; though creating an e-commerce portal requires a lot of efforts because so many modules are needed to be developed in it. In such situation, why are you still selling products offline?

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If you really want to create an online store with minimum efforts and at affordable prices then you should not be worried at all because I will show you a solution which lets you create stunning and lead generating online shop. offers WixStores with which you can create the store in just a few clicks.

You might have a few questions if you haven’t heard of So let me clarify your doubts.

What is

Founded in 2006, is a leading and the best online website builder on the World Wide Web. The founders created it with a vision to offer people to create websites without any use of coding and difficult web settings. The vision turned out to be great, and now it is currently has 64,639,918 users registered and still counting.

If you want to create a website with, you don’t even need to think about the design and all because it offers a wide range of stunning templates. You can check out the gallery and select the best one for your brand new website.

WixStores is an online store builder offered by, which helps you create stunning online stores effectively.

If you want to sell products online, then you must have an e-commerce website, which also known as an online store. And in that case, wixStores is a great choice because it helps create your own online store quickly.

There are beautiful looking store templates available in the wixstores’ gallery, and all the templates are fully mobile optimized.

How to build an online store with WixStores?

Creating an online store with WixStores is quite easy. To create your own store, just you need to visit WixStores, and you have to click on “Create your store” button.

How to create an online store for your business-ThemesReviewCentral

This will take you to sign in/sign up page that looks as:

How to create an online store for your business-ThemesReviewCentral

Do the signup process and then sign into it, upon signing in, it will take you to the’s account page.

How to create an online store for your business-ThemesReviewCentral

Now click on “Start creating now”, it will take you to template gallery where all the categories will be visible. You need to select online store then sub-category of your choice to display the store templates.

How to create an online store for your business-ThemesReviewCentral

Now, as you have a number of e-commerce templates in front of you, you can select the one you like the most and which fits into your requirement.

Let’s suppose you choose Geek Overload Template, now you need to edit the template and change the things according to your requirements using the tools shown in the left side.

How to create an online store for your business-ThemesReviewCentral

Editing is so simple that you can do in just a few clicks.  For example, I am in the editor, and I have clicked the text and it became editable.

How to create an online store for your business-ThemesReviewCentral

So now, just need to replace the text and that’s it! Similarly, you can edit the whole template as per your requirement, and your very own online store will be ready.

Once you are done with the editing, you need to save your work using “Save” button shown in the top-right corner.How to create an online store for your business-ThemesReviewCentral

Give your site a name and click on save now. Now your website is saved.

Now you only need to publish your website online. Just hit publish

How to create an online store for your business-ThemesReviewCentral

You are all done, and your online store is now live!

Let’s have a look at the key features of Wixstores:

A website’s look and feel must be good enough to grab the attention of the audience. WixStores has a number of different templates available in its template gallery.  You can choose the one that fits to your requirements and has an elegant look as well.

All the templates available in the gallery are mobile friendly which makes your website Google friendly as well because Google recently rolled out Mobile friendly update which ensures the sites which are mobile friendly, will get better ranking in Google mobile search.

Thus, a mobile responsive template ensures that you don’t lose customers who do online shopping using their smartphone.

The WixStores’ editor is easy to use as anyone can use it without any knowledge of coding.  There is no need to hire a designer even. Simply edit and save process you need to do. That’s it! Also, using the WixStores Store Manager you can manage and take care of all your store’s needs.

It tracks all the sales, orders, and payments so you can easily keep a track of your inventory with minimal effort. You can easily customize the tax and shipping rates as per the customer’s location.

The shopping bag icon appears on every page of your site so that customers can quickly view the items they plan to purchase and go through a secure buying experience. Your customers’ personal information, which they enter while buying is completely safe.

Check out more of its awesome features here.

WixStores have both FREE and PREMIUM plans. The free plan comes with some limitations and if you want to remove those limitations then goes for Premium plan. Look at the below screenshot for the pricing details:

How to create an online store for your business-ThemesReviewCentral

In this review, you have learned about, about WixStores, how to build a website with WixStores, features of WixStores and pricing.

Thus, you have a clear idea how much effort and money you need to spend to create your own online store. Let us know if you are planning to launch your online shop anytime soon. Comment your store’s link below and we’ll love to give a shoutout at all our social media profiles.