Making money from email marketing is simple. Just do the following things right and the money starts rolling into your pockets.

You can’t do the above things alone. You need a set of email marketing tools and team to do that, right?

Wrong. You just need ONE tool that allows you to do all the above things. Which one is that?

GetResponse. (To know why It is Neil Patel’s favorite ESP, click here).

In this GetResponse Review, you will discover how GetResponse has risen to become the best free email marketing automation and CRM tool for small businesses and startups alike.

I have been using GetResponse since quite a time and the recently introduced marketing automation set of tools has taken this email marketing tool to another level. With GetResponse you don’t need to be 100% there at your business. The process is pretty much auto-completed so you can concentrate on other aspects of lead generation rather than sending and typing each email to every signup.

In this GetResponse review, we will see how GetResponse is at advantage with other email marketing tools in the small business sector.

You may now ask, “what exactly is marketing automation?”.

It doesn’t matter what size of your website or online business is, we are all looking for “automated strategies” which allow us to save money and more importantly time. With automation, you can earn more with fewer efforts on the actual funnel. Here is how Marketo explains this:

GetResponse Review 2016: Pros & Cons Revealed!-ThemesReviewCentral

There are already automation services being offered by HubSpot, Marketo, Infusionsoft etc but they are really expensive. Here’s where an affordable marketing automation tool like GetResponse comes into place (it’s both inexpensive and effective).

GetResponse marketing automation helps you automate your marketing efforts based on your customers actions and conditions.

GetResponse email automation tool uses the most intuitive if-then logic workflow.

Most email marketing software tools don’t allow you to automate your email lists. But GetResponse has the ability to do campaign automation. They use if-then logic to automate your email list campaigns.

For instance, if someone clicks on one of your emails, you can then send those people your promotional stuff. This works like a charm and it has two major benefits.

Here’s how it looks like:

GetResponse Review 2016: Pros & Cons Revealed!-ThemesReviewCentral

Let me tell you more about how it works in general.

If a visitor subscribes to your email list then you can send a welcome email immediately by using GetResponse autoresponder. Then, you use can the same if-then logic to send future emails to your subscribers depending on their behavior.

Check out this very short video on the benefits you can get with marketing automation:

With GetResponse email marketing automation, you can:

Easy to use drag and drop interface: GetResponse uses drag and drop editor which makes it easy for anyone to create emails within seconds. If you want to create an email campaign with GetResponse, all you need to do is to click on “Create Newsletter” from the dashboard, pick an email template and start writing. You can drag images, text, blocks or social media icons to your emails copy.

Here’s the screenshot of the dashboard. and then the step by step guide to create an e-newsletter with GetResponse.

GetResponse Review 2016: Pros & Cons Revealed!-ThemesReviewCentral

Once you click on the “Create Newsletter” button, it will take you to the next step where you will see this.

GetResponse Review 2016: Pros & Cons Revealed!-ThemesReviewCentral

Instead of picking the “HTML editor” option, click on “Drag and drop email editor” option to create emails real quick.
Once you click on the drag and drop editor, it will ask you to enter a subject line for your email. Write a captivating subject line to improve your open rates.
You will then see a list of email templates, simply pick one among to them start creating emails.

GetResponse Review 2016: Pros & Cons Revealed!-ThemesReviewCentral

Then give a try to GetResponse A/B testing. You can create 2 or more different email subject lines and easily find out which one is performing well among the two.

A/B testing on your emails also helps you quickly increase your email open rates, click through rates and overall conversions. You can further leverage A/B split testing to test 2 or more versions of entire email copy and much more.

GetResponse Review 2016: Pros & Cons Revealed!-ThemesReviewCentral

They also have a feature called “one-click segmentation” that allows you to segment people who did not engage (click, read or perform what the CTA intended them to do) with your newsletter. This is very essential in a typical autoresponder sequence so that you can send these subscribers another set of email aimed at converting them to do what you intended, rather than pushing them to the next buying level.

GetResponse Review 2016: Pros & Cons Revealed!-ThemesReviewCentral

We talked about A/b testing but with this feature you can test two different versions of your email campaigns and see how they performed against each other. This is a good way to see which email copy or what offer did entice your readers to take action over your mails sent.

Apart from these,
GetResponse email analytics helps you to set automatics reports that you get like every 3 days after each email campaign is published. This will be delivered to you via mail that you don’t need to check back in for the email stats.
You can also track the ROI you got for your email campaigns by asking GetResponse to track the number of sales your emails brought to your website. This is done by adding a mini tracking code on your website.  

If you are running a small business and looking for fastest, cheapest and highly productive ways to boost your business and grow your list, webinars is for you.
Webinars which are also known as web based seminars used for building email lists, increasing traffic and sales. You should definitely check out this 60 second video on “Why Webinars” and what you are missing out if you are not doing webinars.

Webinars convert REALLY better. That’s the reason why almost every influential marketing expert is doing frequent webinars these days. Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Brian Clark are few of the marketing experts who are using webinars to take their conversion rates to the next level.

Marketing experts like Amy Porterfield, Kimra Luna have gone from being broken to making billions with webinars as the sole selling machine. GetResponse can help you in this journey but let’s see how:

Here’s where GetResponse comes into play. As I said earlier, it’s the perfect all-in-one online marketing automation platform that also allows you do webinars.

Let’s talk about them in detail now.

#1. Naming your webinar: Create a URL for your webinar by using a powerful title. Also include at what type the webinar is going live. Also make sure to pick the right times to send reminders to your participants (usually before a day, week or an hour etc).

GetResponse Review 2016: Pros & Cons Revealed!-ThemesReviewCentral

#2. Creating your webinar: Fortunately GetResponse webinars features has a collection of pre-designed webinar templates which you can use to create webinars within few seconds. Just pick a template and start editing as per requirements. As it’s a drag and drop editor, you won’t find it hard to make changes to your webinar registration pages.

GetResponse Review 2016: Pros & Cons Revealed!-ThemesReviewCentral

#3. Publishing your webinar: You can either publish your webinars right away or schedule it according to your timings. You will have 100% control over the number of reminder emails your registrants receive. You can also include social sharing buttons on your webinars using GetResponse one-click sharing options.

Here are few important things you can do with GetResponse webinars.

So there you go. GetResponse helps you create webinars within a few minutes even if you are a complete newbie. You are not only saving a lot of money but a lot of time.

Landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages – whatever you call, they are designed to increase your overall website conversions including sales.

Unfortunately creating landing pages used to be either a tedious job or too expensive but only until the arrival of GetResponse landing page builder.

Yes, with GetResponse you can also create high converting landing pages within seconds. And you don’t have to rob a bank as their landing page builder is cost effective which is also a part of their marketing platform.

Publishing a landing page is really easy and within 3 steps you can do it (no coding skills need whatsoever).

The GetResponse landing builder includes the following features.

Are you convinced that GetResponse is the perfect all-in-one marketing solution for your online needs? Then, why not give a try to it ?

You might have a question in your mind now. Why should I pick GetResponse when I have too many alternatives? That’s a great question.

So let’s talk about it.

Here are few of the most popular alternatives to GetResponse. We will discuss about their features along with the pricing briefly.

Now you know why GetResponse clearly wins the race when compared to its competitors.

That being said, here’s a quick overview of GetResponse pricing.

Here’s the pricing breakdown for these 3 plans

In case you want to try out GetResponse, they always have Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals & discount coupons to cut the price short so that everyone can avail them. Click the button below to check the latest GetResponse discount coupon codes.

GetResponse Review 2016: Pros & Cons Revealed!-ThemesReviewCentral

And in you want to try GetResponse out prior to committing any billing, you can do so for free by clicking the link below.

Click here to start your 30 day free trial with GetResponse (no credit card required!)

If you wan to compare MailChimp with GetResponse you should do it with the paid version of MailChimp since the free version doesn’t have automation and other high-level features like landing page templates etc. With the paid version compared MailChimp’s pricing is way too high for what it offers.

Moreover, the marketing automation feature that GetResponse recently announced is something I have never heard of with MailChimp. Here is the detailed comparison of GetResponse vs MailChimp that I recommend you to read.

With aweber being also one of the top email marketing services out there, they offer exact or equal services as GetResponse does. But recently, the level of automation GetResponse has brought with it is not yet addressed by aweber.

With these marketing automation facility, you can categorize lists, send automatic emails to non-openers and a separate campaign to your email clickers so that they buy. Similarly you can automate upsells to buyers or even subscribers and you don’t have t appoint someone to do this for every new addition to the list.

The automation campaign sends it to every new lead that goes through different funnel based on the triggers you’ve set. This level of automation is absolutely necessary if you manage big emails or subscribers/customer base.

In case of deliverity, aweber has a slight better deliverity rate than GetResponse has. But the emails sent from GetResponse do have a higher open-rates which somehow manages the gap.

NOTE: With aweber, you have to pay for even unsubscriber email address until you remove them manually (yes I just said that) and if you have multiple lists (like suppose a reader subscribed to two of your content updates on your blog, he will have two email addresses on two different lists) then you have to pay twice  for those email address with aweber. GetResponse, however only counts active subscribers and has advanced monitoring to count multiple instances of same email id as one so that you pay once for each subscriber. So choose wisely!

With this, we come to the FAQs section of GetResponse review: 

If you are a small business owner, blogger or marketer, you know how important to build and grow an email list. Making money from your list requires you to do a lot of things including sending autoresponders, marketing automation, A/B testing and a lot more. Here’s where an all-rounder online marketing platform like GetResponse comes into handy.

Here are few benefits of using it.

No, when you compare to GetResponse competitors, it’s really cheap and offers a lot of value to automate your online marketing efforts. You can find more details in the pricing section mentioned above in this article.

GetResponse offers a 30 day free trial which you can pick from here .

GetResponse has native apps for both android and IOS so you can send, track and monitor your email campaigns with ease.

GetResponse has been the favorite email marketing tool of many pro marketers like Neil Patel and none other than Peep Laja of Here is a small video about what Neil Patel has to say on his GetResponse experience:

Building and growing an online business is not easy. It takes a lot of time, efforts and money. Email marketing is the ONE thing that’s absolutely critical for any small business.

But finding the right email marketing software is difficult as there are so many options out there. Make sure you are NOT spending on expensive products when you are just starting out.

This is where affordable all-in-one online marketing platform like GetResponse comes into handy. It is fully equipped with all the marketing features you need to automate your email marketing campaigns ranging from autoresponder to split testing to creating stunning landing pages.

If you want save time and money on your marketing campaigns, give GetResponse a try and you won’t regret the decision.

Do you have any questionsregarding this GetResponse review? If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends so they can benefit. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section.