WPForms Review 2017: Best Online Form Builder WordPress Plugin?-ThemesReviewCentral

WPForms Review 2017: Best Online Form Builder WordPress Plugin?-ThemesReviewCentral
Ever created a “contact us” page or a billing page on your blog?

That is too much of a hard work to get it done, isn’t it?

Things get even worse if you are a freelancer or online seller and want to create an online contact form that has conditional fields based on reader’s choice.

Feels like you’ll pull your hair to get it done right?

Today, I bring you to this “WPForms Review”, where I will introduce you to a brand new WordPress form builder & contact form plugin that is drag and drop and makes it simple to create online forms that can receive PayPal payments, donations or even generate leads as newsletter sign up forms.

A single best WordPress contact form plugin that can help you create:

Seems interesting, right?
Let’s start!

WPForms is a new drag and drop contact form builder from Syed Balkhi, the man behind WPBeginner (the largest resource site for WordPress Tutorials) and Optn Monster (the market leader in lead generation plugins and the pioneer of exit-intent technology) to name a few.

WPForms came from the need to help bloggers, freelancers, and online marketers create a quick online form through drag and drop interface that can transact money, collect newsletter subscribers (by integrating with popular email marketing services like MailChimp and Aweber etc) and even has reCAPTCHA integration that gives your contact forms a spam-free experience.

No time? Click here to view the live demo of WPForms. 

Necessity is the mother of invention.

We all are accustomed to this golden quote and this was the reason behind why WPForms was made.

Most bloggers, busy marketers and small business owners had this one issue of creating a custom online form easily. Most plugins require a technical know-how and are on the pricier side. On the other hand, hiring a developer to create a custom form increased the budget bar.

This is when Syed Balkhi and his team came up with a solution, WPForms that is so robust, fast and yet powerful contact form plugin in functionality. It is the most mobile responsive contact form plugin for WordPress that you will ever get your hands on.

Just like OptinMonster created a revolution in email marketing by bringing innovative and conversion-optimized lead generation forms, WPForms will soon replace the common bloated, slow-to-load and contact form plugins around.

Prefer a video review of WPForms instead? Check out this short review of WPForms features.

WPForms Review? WPforms is a WordPress form builder plugin  made by Syed Balkhi which enables you to create contact forms that can accept payments/donations right from the form. With WPForms contact form generator, you can create newsletters, help customer to add signatures on the forms using touch pad or mouse and all this via their drag & drop interface.

What I found in my review of WPForms is that they are one of the best form plugins for WordPress and with the features that it has, it is the perfect gravity forms alternative.

WPforms also is highly secure and you can allow users to submit blog posts/guest posts via the contact form itself and even create user accounts with them. Cool, isn’t it?

WPForms is a freemium online form builder plugin with all the basic functionality in its free version intact. And the premium version makes it easy for you to collect payments, create multi-page forms, build email newsletter widgets for your blog and even more.

Here is the detailed list of features of WPForms.

Building a contact form for your blog that has various input fields is a pain for the non-coders and busy small business blog owners. If we use a free contact form plugin those make the site more buggy and bloated.

If you wanted a designer to create a contact form (like I had requested someone to create a custom “request a quote” form), they charge anywhere between $200-$300 for a single form.

I was totally shocked and researched about awesome contact page generators that gave the flexibility to use drag and drop interface (let’s face it, I am a non-coder and I don’t have the courage to invest my valuable time to learn codes at this point of my career).

It is then I came across WPFroms that made the whole process easy and guess what you can make unlimited “request a quote” form for your blog and also other pages like billing forms if you sell a digital product or service on your blog, all for less than $200.

I use the Pro version that has all its features and is renewed every year. However, you can get the lifetime pack for only $349 without further renewals.

After purchasing, you can literally create the whole contact us page form in a matter of a minute or two.

The sole purpose of templates is to save time. In WPForms, you get a whole range of built-in templates that saves your time even more. For example, if you wanted to create a contact form, you can choose the contact us form template and just tweak it a bit for your custom fields and you are good to go.

If you wanted to deploy a billing form or a donation form to your blog page, WPForms is the best online form builder  with pre-built templates that are just plug-and-play.

Online forms created with WPForms are mobile friendly. They look and feel the same no matter what device your reader/customer holds. Nowadays, when google prefers mobile responsive sites for better rankings, it is wiser to have your input forms look and function great in any screen.

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Sometimes, online forms have to be a little clever and display input fields based on what your reader selects. This is especially helpful when you create complex choice based forms like displaying a particular product after the user selects a specific price range.

How about collecting leads right when your readers are reading your awesome blog posts? How about getting a web design quote right when your readers are seduced with your insightful post about responsive website design?

Well, this is no more a dream. WPForms allows you to embed the forms you created onto your sidebars and even inside the post so that you don’t lose a single lead in the process of clicking the contact me/hire me page for that custom quote form.

Tired of a contact form that sends you notifications of sign ups, requests and quotes only after a sync interval?

WPForms sends you instant notifications so that you can track and respond any leads that come your way.

With all this said and done, the chances of spam is sure to rise. This is handled by WPForms brilliantly by allowing you to integrate your own reCAPTCHA for your contact forms. It also has inbuilt honeypot to fight and help reduce contact form spams.

If you are thinking to create a lead generation widget that collects email subscriptions, you can easily do it with WPForms and then attach it with the email marketing service of your choice (example MailChimp, Aweber etc).

With WPForms, you can create bigger forms and then divide the same into pages so that you don’t scare the readers away.
You can also allow your readers/customers to send you attachments directly by uploading them through contact forms.

Want to create a free online order form for your blog?

If you want to sell ebooks or digital products on your WordPress blog, you can do it in a breeze with WPForms. You can also collect payments for your freelance services, custom downloads and lock your premium content on your blog with the best PayPal and Stripe integrations right from your blog.

Own a donation form plugin for your non-profit organisation? WPForms is the best alternative to the official PayPal plugin and with lots of more function. The added benefit is these payment collection forms are speedy, mobile responsive and easy to use.

You can collect the user’s location address to ship a product, redirect them to a page if they click on cancel payment during the process and also see multiple products with Stripe and credit card options.

Click here to see the step by step process of creating an online contact form using WPForms.

Here is a simple yet efficient “request a quote form” I made with WPForms that allows me to collect user information and also sell a product (currently there is none this is for demo purpose) for $10 and enable the user to pay me the price as soon as he completes the submission.

Create Your Own Online Form Now!

WPForms aims at being the most beginner friendly contact form builder for WordPress. That is why they have come with broad pricing plans so that every segment of online marketers can use it with ease.
They have a free version called WPForms lite which is the only plugin one would need to create a basic functional contact form plugin that is fast and responsive. It is by far the best free contact form generator or builder.

If you want premium features (and save money spent on individual plugins and designer/coders) you can check out their premium version that starts at a minimal price of $39.

Click here to view all their pricing plans.

WPForms Review 2017: Best Online Form Builder WordPress Plugin?-ThemesReviewCentral

I am using the PRO Plan ($199) which is what you should be using too but you should choose the Ultimate Plan ($349) because it is a one-time payment and you get lifetime access. The makers are famous for introducing lifetime access to new products and will remove them once it is popular. They did the same with OptinMonster. Users that had purchased the lifetime pack then are enjoying all the services intact even now when it’s current users have to pay $199 annually.

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WPForms is a full suite of online form builder that is so powerful that you don’t need any other plugin or input tool on your blog. Here are some pros or features that made me choose WPForms over other forms builder plugins out there.

WPForms is a game-changer in building online forms. Here is what I didn’t like about it:

The reason I ditched my previous contact form plugin despite it being the best free contact form plugin is that is is bloaty (WPForms is fast) and does not have any comparison when you compare it to WPForms Pro.

Starting from November 22nd (today) you can get a whooping 35% OFF the original pricing of WPforms. This happens once-in-a-year and won’t be back until the end of the next year. So grab this deal and start creating awesome and fully functional contact forms for your website and client websites. Yes, if you are a freelance web designer or a website developer, you can earn awesome money by selling pre-made forms to your clients as per their needs.

Despite the free version being so limited, it still is the best option if you want to create a basic contact form in a matter of seconds. It shows why WPForms is the best form plugin for WordPress users.
If you are a professional blogger and earn from your blog, you should choose WPForms because it enables you to

WPForms is highly recommended for freelance writers, authors, web designers (best contact form plugin to use in client websites), digital marketers/bloggers and online sellers.

WPForms Review 2017: Best Online Form Builder WordPress Plugin?-ThemesReviewCentral