How To Increase Google Ranking of your blog-ThemesReviewCentral

How To Increase Google Ranking of your blog-ThemesReviewCentral

Everyone who owns a blog or a website wants to get a huge number of traffic from search engines. The traffic that comes from a search engines is known as organic traffic which is considered to be the best traffic among all the traffic sources. When it comes to search engines, Google tops the list. Therefore, increasing Google ranking is the foremost goal of every blogger.

If we are talking about increasing Google ranking of the blog, then we need to opt for the best SEO strategies. Yes! SEO, because as the name says Search Engine Optimization,is the one thing that can help you increase ranking of your blog in Google.

SEO is done in two phases namely On-page optimization and Off-page optimization.

On-page includes the optimizations that are done on the blog, and off page mainly includes the link building parts in which you build or earn inbound links to your blog.

Google considers hundreds of factors to rank web pages in the search, but backlinks are the biggest factors among all other factors. Google is much unpredictable, and it keeps on updating its search algorithm so many times every year.

In this article, I will walk you through the strategies that are important to implement in order to improve the Google ranking of your blog:

Let’s start with On-page optimization.

As I said above that it is the SEO technique which is done on the site. Below are the steps included in it:

The goal is to find the best keywords with good search volume and then get ranking with them to get more traffic on the blog.

Keyword research is the technique in which you find profitable keywords using various keyword research tools.

Once you are done with the research, there comes the distribution of those keywords on the blog. You will read about it further in this article.

Once the keyword research is done, you have a set of profitable keywords with you so now you need to write the Meta title and description for your blog posts. While writing the Meta title always try to keep the main keyword at the beginning and keep the title short somewhere around 60 characters(spaces included).

Suppose you have a main keyword “car repair” then your title should be something like:

You can see that I have used the keyword at the beginning that is what recommended.

After writing the title, write good descriptions. They must be written well because they are visible in search and on social media as well in the previews.

Though, Google doesn’t consider the description as ranking factor so whether you use keywords or not in it is completely fine. Try to limit the Meta description within 160 characters(spaces included).

This is one of the most important tasks while doing SEO. Content is the most important part of a blog or website. So write well researched, descriptive content without breaking the flow(if you use keywords forcefully then it breaks the flow of the article badly). Write for human, and not for bots.

If you want to rank you still have to focus on keywords. Keywords are the main things of SEO, and placement of them matters a lot. So while writing or after writing, make sure you have placed keywords:-

Make use of H1, H2, and H3 tags because these are important, and impact the Google. Always try to have only one H1 on a page, and then use H2, H3 and H4 for subheadings. Putting keywords in these Heading tags can greatly benefit your blog.

How To Increase Google Ranking of your blog-ThemesReviewCentral

Interlinking is linking other blog posts of the same blog using relevant anchor text. Doing this is important because it helps you to hold the readers on the blog for longer that result into lower bounce rates which in turn understood by Google that your blog is offering good user experience. So, your blog gets into the good books of Google which is a good sign to increase the Google ranking of your blog.

How To Increase Google Ranking of your blog-ThemesReviewCentral

At once, giving outbound links to other blogs or sites doesn’t look to be beneficial, but it does. Link other online articles of authority blogs whenever it is needed. It helps as Google considers that your blog is offering a good user experience by giving the readers good content as well as good references where they can read about few things in even more details. So, again it helps you build credibility in Google’s eye.

Bonus benefit: Linking out to other’s article also helps you get noticed by them, and then they do share your post over their social profiles as well. In many cases, they do mention you in their next articles.

Add Alt text to every image you use in your blog posts. It helps your images rank well in Google image search, and you cannot simply ignore this source of traffic. It can be a great source of traffic if done right.

Always keep their names either with keywords or with some normal text.

Here is a detailed guide on how perfect image optimization.

Google gives preference to the faster loading sites in its search pages, that means if you are having quality content on your blog along with fast loading speed then you can get very good Google ranking.

Therefore, work on improving the page speed. You may use the google page speed tool to know whether your blog is slow or fast. If it is slow, the tool will display the suggestions to improve.

By following these suggestions, the blog’s page speed can be improved.

URLs must be optimized as they put a big impact on Google. You should have a short and clean permalink.

It helps understand Google what the content is all about. Always try to keep one of your keyword in the URL. But this tip is now getting older because Google is now showing links in different way in Search. If your theme supports breadcrumbs, google shows it instead of the link.

How To Increase Google Ranking of your blog-ThemesReviewCentral

It shows the category in place of the full link of the article, though if you click it will take you to the article itself.

Here are a few other things you can do to increase your rankings in the SERPs:

That’s enough in on-page optimization.

Now comes the tough task, off-page optimization in which you will learn about link building.

Before you start building links for your blog or different blog posts, I would suggest you to analyse your existing backlinks to know whether you have quality links only or you have bad neighborhood links and unnatural links as well.

Spend your quality time in this analysis because it’s very important as if you have even few of bad links in your blog’s link profile, then it can hamper the ranking of the overall blog.

Analysis helps you know the link types. So if you get some bad links, then use Google’s Link Disavow tool to remove them from your blog’s link profile. It’s required because bad links or links from low quality, unrelated sites don’t help rather they create issues.

In the early days, building links was very easy as you could build links by using directory submissions, article submissions, and link exchanges but due to increasing search spam Google has devalued such kind of link practices where anyone can come with low-quality site, builds 1000s of links, and rank on 1st page.

Now you must have to work first on your on-site SEO and content quality that I have already mentioned earlier in the article. Once your content is helping someone, there comes to build some links naturally.

Let’s have some talks about the working ways of Link Building

While working on building links for your site, you have to make sure that your site doesn’t get penalized. There are many types of link penalties Google can put on your site.

Link exchange, using same anchor text for building thousands of links, sidebar links are prone to get you inbound unnatural link penalty. So it’s very important to build links in a way that your links are natural.

This is one of the ways of link building which is being done by many good and professional bloggers.

First of all create killer content on a topic, and then go find out few blogs talking about the same topic. Make a list, say you have gathered 5 such blog posts. Now, write a good email to the authors of those posts admiring their efforts along with sharing the link of your post. Ask them to include the link if it looks worthy to them, and can add some value to their content.

This strategy looks easy, but it is not! 1 or 2 out of the 20 you email, will add your link in their posts, but its worth as every quality link counts.

Note: To use this method of building links, you must have great articles published on your blog because no one will like to link to your post until your article is really amazing and a treasure of information.

You can do it in something different way as well that is called skyscrapper technique – The term proposed by Brian Dean of

You can read the steps of doing it differently. In this, you have to first find out the content in your industry, and then write a better piece of content on the same topic. Then reach out to them and ask for linking your article.

Being a blogger you must be visiting too many web pages on everyday basis, right?

Why not make use of those normal surfing hours?

Let me tell you how?

While surfing, try finding the pages which have linked few blogs or blog posts as resources, and there look for the broken links. To check manually can be a cumbersome task so use this plugin that quickly finds broken links.

How To Increase Google Ranking of your blog-ThemesReviewCentral

Once you find the broken links, check if you have any article on your blog that can replace the link. If yes then you should reach out the blogger and tell him about the broken link, and send him your link as well so that he can replace it.

In other case, if you don’t have such article then create one for it, and then email to the blogger.
This strategy works in most cases because no blogger would like to keep a broken link on his blog, so most of the bloggers happy to add a working link in place of the broken one.

Alltop is a Page Rank 6, DA 78 website, which allows you to submit your blog, and once your blog is approved, it will fetch the feed of your blog to show the 5 latest articles.

How To Increase Google Ranking of your blog-ThemesReviewCentral

The best thing is the links your blog gets from here are dofollow.

These are few working methods to build links, but mind it that some of them are extremely time-consuming tasks.

Want more ways to get quality backlinks?

I have a guest post by Atish Ranjan, where he mentioned some of the potential link building techniques.

To increase Google ranking of your blog or website you have to follow the best SEO strategies. As you read in the article, you must have good on-page optimization first, and then get quality backlinks from various sources.

As many quality and natural backlinks you will get for your perfectly optimized blog and blog posts, you will see your search ranking improving everyday.