In an era when Google’s search wing has evolved with so many new algorithms, you cannot just rank a page with good ‘ol methods like writing great content or getting some comments.

You need to optimize your blog further with proper On-Page SEO techniques and Off-Page SEO optimizations.

To increase your Google rankings you have to have the right ratio of natural backlinks, perfect content with optimized for your target topic, a great website that is Google friendly and nice social signals that show your authority and so on. The whole optimization process can be broadly divided into on page SEO & off page SEO.

However, in this post, we will not be doing a on page SEOvs off page SEO case study, In fact, we’ll talk about how to optimize your article for the higher rankings with the best on page SEO techniques and that too without voiding any of Google’s quality guidelines.

I have a handy ON Page SEO checklist so you can get it printed and gauge your articles for proper white hat blog SEO optimization.

Now that you know what On-Page SEO is and the advantages of following on page SEO techniques, let’s quickly jump to the on-page SEO factors that contribute to boost your site’s rankings. We’ll try to optimize these segments with proper on page SEO techniques which will help you create a better blog in the eyes of Google.

To make your on page SEO task list easier, I have categorized the whole white hat SEO Strategy game into 3 steps for better understanding. They are:

Want To Know The On Page SEO Techniques (2017) And Examples?

Here are the latest On Page SEO techniques you should know and follow:

On Page SEO Techniques: 11 Factors to Optimize For Instant SEO Boost In 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Writing original content might take effort and time but that is what gets love from the search engines. Copied content on your site might harm your reputation as your readers will be quick to identify your tone and content.

This can be even worse if your content gets detected by the owner who can sue your for copyrights infringement. At the least, you can get your site removed if he files a DMCA.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you write original and fresh content. If you’re outsourcing content from writers, make sure they are not spun content (copied content with jumbled wordings) with the help of free plagiarism checker tools.

On Page SEO Techniques: 11 Factors to Optimize For Instant SEO Boost In 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

Images are the most underused on page SEO factor but if optimized properly they can bring you loads of traffic and improve your site’s SEO health. I have been getting a lot of traffic to my site from image search too, and that’s because, in most of the blog posts, I have optimized the images.

Below are some on page SEO techniques to optimize images for SEO and rankings.

In WordPress, it is quite simple to add alt text and captions since the option is given when you upload an image.

On Page SEO Techniques: 11 Factors to Optimize For Instant SEO Boost In 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

In the technical part, keep the image lighter so that it doesn’t impact the page loading time. If your screenshots are heavier, you can try to reduce their size using online tools like Kraken or Optimizilla (both are free but charge for more usage).

If you use a premium theme like Thrive Themes (Swadhin uses it here on DigitalGYD Blog), they come up with inbuilt image optimizer so that it reduces the size of any image you upload without any change in quality.

This way you save time by bypassing the compression stage for each of your images and also saves you the extra subscription for the compression services.

The next on page SEO technique pretty much summarizes the whole SEO game.

Permalinks are very crucial for a site’s SEO. However, the value that it had in the past diminished a bit because Google prefers more of the content part, but still, it is good for SEO if you have really nice, clean, human and search friendly URLs.

Ideally, in the anatomy of a URL, a permalink is the part of the URL that comes after the main domain as shown in the screenshot below:

On Page SEO Techniques: 11 Factors to Optimize For Instant SEO Boost In 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

If you are just starting your WordPress blog, make sure you choose the best permalink structure which is short and simple. That is one-time task. Having a simple URL structure for your blog will help to make your blog optimized for search engines and improve traffic.

Now, whenever you draft a blog post, you can edit the permalink to something that describes that particular blog post. WordPress, by default includes the whole article headline in your URL, you don’t have to do it.

It also helps the users identify the content they are going to read once they see the URL in the search pages.

On Page SEO Techniques: 11 Factors to Optimize For Instant SEO Boost In 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
A SEO study by Reboot shows that outbound links do have a positive impact on SEO. Google considers your site as a good source of information since you offer good content with good resources linked as well.

Here is what White Hat SEO expert Brian Dean suggests about outbound links and on page SEO:

In short, when you add outbound links, you are actually sending readers to go to the other online sources for getting more information on particular topics. And, this is what Google loves. You might lose some traffic in this on page SEO technique, but hey! giving your users a better experience and sending them to additional resources on the topic (because you can never cover all) is a good way to optimize your site for users as well as Google.

And, if Google loves your site, your ranking will be higher for sure.

Success! You just Completed first level On-Page Optimization.

In the next and the second section of our top 10 on page SEO techniques, we’ll cover topics to purge your site’s code and make it for SEO friendly.

These are not anything like rocket science, but basic SEO techniques for HTML section of your site.

Don’t worry, you can do it!

Site loading time is directly related to rankings. Site speed is a core on page seo factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. Not only this, fast loading site is also essential for user experience. Do not at any cost miss this important on page SEO technique. A loading delay of mere milliseconds can cost you sales and visitors.

According to a Kissmetrics research, 47% of users expect a site to load within 2 seconds and if it takes 3 seconds or more to load they will abandon the site forever.

You can test your site’s loading time using Google’s pagespeed tool which also gives valuable insights about what’s wrong and how you can correct it.

Good job! One last step to a perfect SEO optimized site left! 

In this, we’ll discuss how to optimize your meta descriptions with recommended on page SEO techniques and create a winning site.

Here we go!

Yes! meta keywords are still relevant. Search engines like Bing still use it to know more about your content. However, Google clarified long ago that they don’t consider Meta Description as the ranking factor.

On Page SEO Techniques: 11 Factors to Optimize For Instant SEO Boost In 2017-ThemesReviewCentral

However, they do use Meta description to generate the search preview. Hence optimizing it can help you get the better CTR. Like all other on page SEO strategies listed above, you should also optimize site description for SEO.

If you write the Meta Description in a better way, you can get more clicks by convincing your readers to click in. Therefore, not for the sake of SEO but for better user-experience, you must write a better description of your content.

To add your meta data, you need to fill it in Yoast as in the previous case. (Check the screenshot in the previous step.)

What SEO strategies you follow to give your site the perfect on page optimization? Though this guide answers everything about what is on page search engine optimization, is there anything I left?

Do you follow any specific techniques for SEO that I have not covered?  Please comment below your favorite on page SEO techniques that have given you instant rankings?