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Social networking sites are web-based platforms that enable you to make a profile and connect with friends from around the world. The world’s famous social networking websites have transformed over the years. They will keep changing to your needs and lifestyle. Those who make use of that change will prosper and other social networks that don’t do will fade away.

The social media sites offer many features like private chat rooms, exclusive groups, fan pages and also let everyone engage with others by sharing photos, videos etc. Make a habit as these are valuable to personal and brand visibility alike. Access these websites from any device as they have mobile apps build to access them.

We have progressed from the period of MySpace to a social networking period now controlled by Facebook and others. A lot of children even disclose to employing Snapchat the most, advising that the same could be the opportunity of where social media is moved. From a business perspective SEO value gained by sharing articles across these social sharing websites is high. Engage with your consumers, fans and keep them hooked with interesting contents.

The four major sites which deliver high value to your website from this case study of searchmetrics are Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Make these top sites your top priority for sharing anything in the future.

The total number of visitors to these websites with an Alexa rank higher than 100 will be over a million. We have curated a list of 100 popular social websites and picked our personal choice of 15. So, what are the sites that everybody using at present?

Take a look at the updated rundown of social networking websites mentioned below.

Pinterest has become an important player both in search and social media. Build a collection of your photos, gags and much more with this platform and get 1000s of views in minutes. It gets over 10 million visitors per month. With its pinboard-style platform, it also lets you categorize your items into different boards. This social giant is also developing to be a marketplace for shopping, offering “Buy” options right on product’s pins sold by a few sellers. Pin everything as Google considers Pinterest pins as a backlink of high value.

  • Alexa Rank – 32
  • Complete Rank – 14
  • Quantcast rank – 14

A part of the search engine Yahoo, Flickr has become the standard photo-sharing platform. It’s been here long before platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest arrived into the social image sharing game. Flickr is the best place to share images, build photo albums and show your talent for photography to your friends and relatives. This is also a marketplace where you can sell the pictures. Yahoo has worked hard to create a mobile application for Flickr and it is now available for mobile devices as well. Users can share images and have a storage of 1,000 GB for free. Flickr lets you take advantage of their platform as you get the features to edit and arrange your images.

  • Alexa Rank – 196
  • Complete Rank – 102
  • Quantcast rank – 317

This is the place where everybody goes to share or watch the online video content. After Google, YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine for videos and an individual social platform by itself. This is the first and the last place on the web to go and watch videos on every subject. From movies and music videos to independent films and personal blogs, YouTube has it all. Users can upload their own videos and have fun engaging with people all over the world. A premium subscription known as YouTube Red eliminates all the ads from the videos.

  • Alexa Rank – 2
  • Complete Rank – 2
  • Quantcast rank – 2

Reddit has never actually had the pleasant design, but don’t let the looks deceive you. It is the phenomenon destination on the internet. It has a smarter group of users, critics who team up to discuss every event and they do that while sharing useful links, videos, and pictures. Another good feature of Reddit is AMAs, which help people to ask questions to celebrities and famous public figures who are ready to host one.

  • Alexa Rank – 26
  • Complete Rank – 12
  • Quantcast rank – 212

WhatsApp is pretty famous instant messaging application at present. It is like a family to everyone as chat groups keep everyone together. It is a cross-platform application that runs on a data plan or internet connection to get and send messages. People can send messages to groups or individuals using videos, images, and text and also voice messages.

It is different from Kik and other famous messaging applications. This social networking application makes use of your mobile number instead of pins or username. Users can let WhatsApp join to their mobile’s contact book. The application also provides some customizable features such as notification sounds, wallpapers, and profiles.

  • Alexa Rank – 63