Getting your first online store up and running with PrestaShop themes is almost too easy to be true. This open source software allows you to create your very own eCommerce website and manage it with ease. No need to hire someone to build you the website, you can do it all by yourself from the comfort of your chair. Be in complete control of your online business and avoid all the unnecessary clutter.

If you are just starting out and you are browsing the web to find the best solution for your online shop biz, you just came to the right place. Very user and novice friendly, PrestaShop is a highly functional eCommerce software for launching successful web shops. Already powering more than 250,000 websites, this eCommerce app is highly popular amongst small and medium sized businesses.

With a multi-functional software for e-stores and a highly optimizable theme, you can create an astonishing online store quickly. To get the most out of both parties, here are some of the best PrestaShop themes which come with all the features a store owner needs and then some.

Unquestionably, your eCommerce site will look phenomenal and work flawlessly on all devices (responsive and mobile friendly). Plus, it will have a positive effect regarding search engine rankings and potential organic traffic. A perfect blend of goodies and benefits to set you up for success.


15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Having it all organized is easily achievable with Warehouse theme. Your store will look beautiful and modern with all the necessities you need to go as minimal or as complex as you would like. Furthermore, Warehouse is very search engine friendly and cross browser compatible. This makes your web store best friend with all the major search engines. Get ranked and drive in a ton of organic traffic.

The theme comes with a nice collection of 17 pre-built skins. Either use them for your own website or have them as a guide to see what is possible with Warehouse. Needless to say, a lot. But you can always start from the bottom and slowly and gradually construct a custom and expert-looking web store. With things like drag and drop page builder along with the advanced theme editor, you can create an endless amount of layouts, perfected for your needs and niche.

With Warehouse PrestaShop theme you also get premium extensions, like Revolution Slider, PH Simple Blog and a beautiful popup with newsletter subscriptions form.

If you need any help with theme adjustments, handy support is always ready to take care of your needs. No excuses when you face a barrier you do not know how to jump over.

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15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Interested in creating a mega stylish fashion and accessories eCommerce page? If so, Alysum Prestashop theme is the solution that will serve all of your needs and requirements. The modification options of this theme go above and beyond especially when lacing it with all the goodies and included premium extras. There are many of the latter so you truly get the most of this premium Prestashop theme. And that is exactly what you are after, aren’ you?

Optimized for speed and search engines, as well as ready for the screens of all sizes, Alysum ensures a pleasant shopping experience to each and every site visitor. Speaking of search engines, embedded blog gives you the chance to improve your SEO with compelling articles.

Style your online store with one of 7 front page designs and use theme customizer to make adjustments with just a few clicks effectively. It might sound very easy. To be frank, it is.

Product comparison is a great feature to check different items side by side. Let buyers compare them with one another and pick what they prefer best. Moreover, increase sales with a useful daily deal module and promote the hottest products and brands in your store.

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15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
A product name that has “mega” in its name is probably one which can do many things for you. When it comes to MegaShop PrestaShop theme, you get a powerful tool for building all types of online stores. It is a versatile template which you can use for nearly any niche, selling products of all kinds. From physical all the way to downloads, e-books and the like.

MegaShop is a neat modern theme built on the Bootstrap framework. Setting everything up for your web store is simple and as far as colors go, you have endless possibilities. This is one of those themes that under promise and over deliver. You might not find that much info written about it from the developers themselves. However, once you install the theme and start wandering around the admin panel, you will realize how much you can do with MegaShop.

Header and footer, home page along with category and product page all have its own specialties. Use custom texts, animated sliders, related product carousel and a ton of stuff you can play with. Modify different parts of the theme as you like and offer something different to the browsers and shoppers.

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15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Premium multi-functional Prestashop theme with a refined solution for your eCommerce website, have you heard of Vela yet? Generally speaking, Vela was built for watches, food, digital, fashion, furniture and bag stores. Don’t forget, the theme is fully modifiable, meaning, you can easily turn it into other e-stores, like sports, shop, jewelry and pet. For the main 6 niches, Vela has special home pages for each which you can use to their extent. Plus, you can combine features from different skins and create one outstanding one.

When you land on the theme’s presentational page, you will be submerged into features upon features. It will seem like there is no way out. The moment your mind starts processing everything, you will realize that you stumbled across the exact same Prestashop them you need for your online biz. It almost cannot get any better. Well, it can. It all comes to the fact how adaptable Vela is. You will only know about all of this once you unlock theme’s admin panel. It is so practical and easy to use that the experience will bring a feeling of joy to your face. You know that you can do it all by yourself and modify every element of the theme.

While there are tens upon tens of features Vela has in store for you, here are five you should definitely be familiar with. Drag and drop mega menu creates complex, yet practical menus for the best navigation. One page checkout allows shoppers to complete the order fast with as little clicks as possible. Product details page comes with the beautiful lens and cloud zoom option. Allow browsers to see the items in great detail. Awesome newsletter popup helps you grab visitors emails. Last but definitely not least, Vela is optimized for different sizes retina ready screens, search engines and browsers.

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15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Small- and medium-sized businesses just got a perfect solution for their eCommerce websites. With Venedor Prestashop theme, you are treated with just the right amount of functions to get that website designed to meet your needs. But to be honest, you are treated with way more features that you actually need. Perfect option for the future, when you will want to introduce something new and expand your repertoire.

All three, the installation, the customization and the updates are easy with Venedor. You even get some video tutorials that show you how simple everything is. For all of you who are interested in having your site to look the same or similar to the live preview, you get it included with the first installation. Add your creative touch to it or leave it as is and get your site up and running ASAP.

It all begins with the amazing admin panel where everything can be put together without any prior experience. With Homepage Builder, you can adjust the uniqueness of your store’s front page with just one click. Here, you can also enable or disable the appearance of footer, header and column elements. Indeed, with Venedor you also get pre-built skins for all bunch of different eCommerce projects.

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15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
An online store and a blog blended in one superb theme called MODEZ. Great for different niches, as well as general mega shops selling all sorts of items. Along with a successful shop, you can also run a high-quality blog where you can promote your store through enthralling articles. With these, you can help your site grow in search engine rankings and attract targeted organic traffic.

With MODEZ, your front page will be just fantastic. Different sliders, full-width above the fold, for products and one promoting brands you carry, will spice things up. At the top, Final Menu helps you create an impressive menu which shoppers will find very useful. Give them an option to find what they are looking for in as little steps as possible. Time matters.

Everyone who plans to build a strong presence on Facebook, cool floating Facebook block will do magical things. It expands beautifully on mouse hover for people to start hitting that like button.
As for the blog part of the theme, it is Smart Blog which will help you create a deep relationship with your visitors. Get them convinced and turn them into devoted customers. Isn’t that something you are all after with your eCommerce project?

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Leo Theme

15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Leo Theme could not be a more perfect name for an online male store building tool aka theme. Before we continue, please notice that it is not only a men’s shop what you can create with Leo. You can do so much more with it. Sell flowers, underwear, jewelry, you name it, all can be accomplished with your pal Leo.

Now let’s get to the fun part. The features. Admin panel is the place where you will probably spend the most time at. It is so useful and practical, you will be able to construct amazing custom layouts in just a matter of few clicks. Like with all the rest, Leo Prestashop theme is also very friendly to novice website builders. Creating expert-looking eCommerce pages is inevitable with or without computer skills.

But why Leo, you may ask. To reveal the big mystery, Leo Framework powers the theme which supports both CSS3 and HTML5. Creating those perfect websites just became even easier. You gotta appreciate all the hard work that was invested into the creation of such a functional template like Leo Theme is. The eCommerce enterprise you plan to forge is not that far away anymore.

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15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Being a SuperShop Prestashop theme, you can expect the product is multi-purposeful. Correct. A beautiful theme with all the options to extend it in wichever category’s direction. Let it be fashion, food, electronics, gardening, etc., every online store creating is possible with SuperShop.

The theme is jammed with many helpful features which ensure you to build a custom masterpiece of an eCommerce site. You can do it no matter the level of your web skills and experience.
Things like layout builder and a powerful admin where you can formulate different layouts will make things exceptionally easy. SuperShop comes with 5 presets which only speed up the process. Choose the one that fits your business the most and use it as a perfect starting point.

For showcasing products, display items in different groups with sliders. A cool feature which brings something original to your site. There can be two tabs in each group and you can add different options for best sellers, most viewed, specials and new arrivals. On mouse hover over the banner, visitors will be wowed with a cool feature. Each of these groups can also have a brand logo, and it comes with Ajax loading products.

What to say, SuperShop is so super you won’t need any other tool to get your ideas realized.

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15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Ever been to New York? Yes or no, it does not really matter, you will get a taste of it right about now. With NY being quite a leader in the fashion industry and tons of new trends being launched right there, on the spot, the name NewYork is a perfect fit for a fashion store. While it is driven by fashion please notice, you can create other incredible online shops with the theme, too. Shoes, gadgets, bed linen, you can sell it all with NewYork theme.

To kick things off fast there are 8, and counting, pre-built store demos available for a quick launch. On the other hand, these give you a better idea what you can achieve with NewYork template and start from the bottom. Customize every section of the theme to your necessities and originality is just around the corner.

You plan to start an online business outside the English speaking countries? No worries. NewYork is multilingual and supports RTL languages. Along with that, the theme is also friendly to all the world’s currencies.

Add testimonials to your store, fully modify product pages and promote hot daily deals. You can also start a blog and build a great relationship with your customers using responsive Prestashop theme, NewYork.

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Pts Megashop

15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Even though Pts Megashop comes with three predefined demo sites for fashion, food and megashop/digital, you don’t have to limit yourself only to these categories only. With its many functions, you can put together shops covering just about any niche. After all, it is a Megashop, meaning, you can achieve mega things with it. All the magic is in the powerful admin panel and numerous extensions which combined give you the tool you need to make the desired online store.

Optimized for search engines, fully responsive and ready for retina displays, Pts Megashop definitely understands the modern web standards. With this said, your e-shop will adapt to any screen size and work flawlessly for the best user experience.

Real time customization of the theme allows you to avoid going into the code and changing it. Yay for newbies! But you also do not need to have coding skills when it comes to creating stunning slideshows and complex menus. You can accomplish it all with the fun drag and drop method.

Start that professional looking web store now and begin taking first orders as soon as possible. For a quick solution, one click data import has your store looking like one of the available demos, and you are almost ready to blast it off.

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15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
Fashion and Jakiro Prestashop theme are a perfect match, yet the theme is flexible enough to meet other businesses’ needs, too. You get variations of it pre-made, but you can always take things into your hands and get that one-of-a-kind page happen. Speaking of pre-made designs, more than 10 awesome homepages are already available for you to use and kickstart your online business sooner rather than later.

Jakiro theme has lightning fast loading speeds, isoptimized for search engines, features Google rich snippet and is compatible with browsers like Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox and others. You truly do not have to worry about the technical part. Even when it comes to designing the website you like, the actual knowledge about coding and designing is unnecessary. The only thing necessary is your imagination, and all the rest follows.

From the admin panel, you can pick the preferred product page and fill it with useful information and high resolution images. Showcase the items you sell in the best possible way and persuade shoppers. Also, add the size chart and size guide, so they will have a better option to pick the perfect product for themselves. Avoid the returns.

Don’t forget to read out in-depth review of the Jakiro theme.

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Pts GentShop

15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
While the name of the theme suggests to use it for a gentlemen’s fashion store, Pts GentShop Prestashop theme is much more than that. Avoid limiting yourself to only one industry. The modification options of the theme are numerous and you can use it for a big specter of different online stores. You have an idea? Let Pts GentShop do its magical thing and help you create stuff you always dreamt about.

Structured like a landing page, you get the visitor a chance to get an instant better idea about your website. One of the layouts, classic, full-width and full-slider, will do its trick and grab the shopper’s attention immediately. Mega Menu ensures a top-notch navigation and the Layer Slider does things to amaze them the moment they land on your page.

In addition, live theme editor is where you make adjustments in real time. Pick colors, fonts and modify other sections to personalize your web store and make it exclusive.
A successful eCommerce website would not be complete if it would not follow a certain set of rules. The fact of the matter is, in this modern age, every theme needs to be mobile friendly, SEO optimized and cross browser compatible. No biggie, Pts GentShop very well understands that.

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15 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2017-ThemesReviewCentral
To create something unique, you have two options. Option 1: invest money and time and create a custom final product. Bear in mind, you do need to have coding and design knowledge or you will spend a ton of money. Option 2: you purchase UniqueShop Prestashop theme and use your creative mind and nothing else to make it happen. Depending the situation you are at, pick the path that fits you best. However, option 2 is definitely the one to take into consideration. Not only does it save you a ton of time and money, it is you and no one else who can create the online store with ease. Be in total control of your whole business. At least at the beginning of your entrepreneurial path.

A handy theme with a responsive layout and nearly a countless amount of function, UniqueShop is a great choice for every online shopping business. The setup is a breeze, and the product comes with complete documentation with useful screenshots. Get familiar with every step of building your e-store and later manage and maintain it with ease. You will not have a problem doing it all by yourself. Even scaling things up when the sales start coming in and you want to expand.

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