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inGallery is a unique WordPress plugin to integrate Instagram media into a website. It will show not only photos on your WordPress website, but videos as well. You can set any amount of sources including Instagram users, hashtags or even a photo/video URL.

Today Instagram is one of the most powerful social tools to reach your audience. So why only publish media on Instagram and not on your website? Instead of doing this you can use inGallery to automatically post everything you publish on Instagram to your website.

You can set filters to filter the desired media. For example, if you want to create an album that shows only photos/videos about specific event – you can set a filter for this. Or if you want an ablum that shows only videos – there is a filter for this as well.

On top of all this – there are tons of customization options, using which you can customize the gallery to fit you website style. In any case inGallery will look awesome, because it already includes different styles to display thumbnails. Also there are multiple types of layouts to choose from: grid and carousel. Of course, there is much more options included.

inGallery is a very powerfull WordPress plugin which can amaze your website visitors, so why don’t get it right now? Or take a look at the live deom to see the plugin in action.


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