Howdy there! If you have been around WordPress circles for a while, you must have come across phrases such as WordPress theme frameworks and child themes. If you’re a newbie, you will come across said phrases in no time whatsoever. Lucky for thee, we are lifting the veil of mystery shrouding WordPress frameworks and WordPress child themes. More precisely, we are looking into the Genesis Framework and a couple of Genesis child themes for your pleasure.

Here’s how we are breaking down this piece:

By the end of this post, you will have juicy details on WordPress theme frameworks and child themes. You will also have all the child themes you need to turn the Genesis Framework whichever way you desire. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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So, what is this animal we are calling a WordPress theme framework? Why do you need a WordPress theme framework? Well, let’s begin with first things first.

You can think of a WordPress theme framework simply as a code library that facilitates development of a theme. Still vague an answer I know, but allow me to explain. A theme framework is a set of standards, functions and features that help you to create your own theme.

In other words, a theme framework offers you the base code you need to start developing your own theme. Instead of building themes from scratch all times, you get a head start using a theme framework. Instead of adding feature after feature from scratch, you get starter features and design elements that make your work a lot easier.

You can build a million and one different themes using a single framework, adding different features to each as you go. A WordPress theme framework is basically the foundation of a WordPress theme. According to Charlie Livingston of Athemes:

That sums it up I guess.

But then, what are WordPress child themes in relation to WordPress theme frameworks? Seeing as a theme framework is the foundation, a child theme is any theme that borrows functionality from said framework. Just like a house has a foundation from where it finds strength, child themes find base on a framework.

A framework provides the functionality, and a child theme provides the stylistic touch. This way, you can build many designs from a single framework. If you need to update the base code in the framework, your styles are preserved.

Say, for example, you’re using the Genesis Framework. Themes that borrow features and functions from this framework are known as Genesis child themes. Another point to note is Genesis child themes won’t work without the Genesis Framework. First, you must install the framework before using any of the Genesis child themes we outline here.

In the general sense of the term though, a WordPress child theme is:

To learn more, feel free to check out our detailed post on how to create WordPress child themes.

The Genesis Framework is a product by StudioPress, a renowned brand in the WordPress community. The StudioPress trademark is owned by Rainmaker Digital, LLC., the same guys who brought you Copyblogger, yet another renowned name in WordPress circles.

Genesis is probably the most popular WordPress theme framework in this era. It boasts of a huge fanbase (164k+ customers) and over 80 child themes. It’s parked to the brim with the best of features and options to get keep your creative juices flowing.

At a glance, the Genesis theme framework ships with the best of features such as:

Really, the list of Genesis’ features is extensive. And for a tiny price of just $59.95 bucks, you could have the agility of a framework like no other powering your site. Add $40 bucks to that and you can walk away with a child theme of your choice.

There’s a Pro Plus package going for $347 bucks that gets you the Genesis Framework, detailed theme tutorials and all StudioPress themes among other goodies. That out of the way, let us look at the top Genesis child themes at your disposal.

Now that you can tell what theme frameworks and child themes are, here are the best Genesis child themes in the market. All Genesis child themes on this list are responsive and affordable, and most come with the framework.

Amazing Genesis Child Themes for Kick-Ass WordPress Users-ThemesReviewCentral

The best of parallax and plenty of white space come together in this affair to create one of the best Genesis child themes you will ever come across. Parallax Pro is the perfect Genesis child theme for agencies and freelancers looking to build portfolio websites.

It ships with the best of features including a fully responsive design, 5 color styles, custom backgrounds, parallax scrolling, HTML5 markup, footer widgets, custom headers, a landing page, and multiple theme options among others.

Amazing Genesis Child Themes for Kick-Ass WordPress Users-ThemesReviewCentral

If you’re looking to invest in Genesis child themes, this is one theme that needs a place in your WordPress professional toolkit. Remobile offers you the perfect template for your next blog or business website. It’s beautiful, responsive and lets you leverage your “…expertise in typeface, design, and support so you can spend more time serving your audience.”

You get plenty of theme options, layouts, custom backgrounds and headers, and homepage widget areas among others.

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Daily Dish is a clean and lightweight Genesis child theme that is great for magazines and news sites. But seeing Genesis framework is fully customizable, you can bend Daily Dish to run whichever site you have in mind.

It is one of those Genesis child themes that focuses attention on the most important part of your website; the content. It makes the content appealing and palatable. With multiple widget areas, you can place your content wherever, and since this bad boy is responsive, your users will have a great time regardless of their devices.

6 page layouts and plenty of theme options make Daily Dish a darling of many a WordPress user.

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As a nutritionist or food blogger, you need a WordPress theme that helps you to get your message across in the easiest and most impactful way possible. Of all Genesis child themes we cover here today, Foodie is a true winner in terms of functionality and style.

Foodie features a clean and minimalist design, multiple color schemes, a responsive and mobile friendly design, multiple page templates, featured images and all the goodies that ship with the Genesis Framework.

Amazing Genesis Child Themes for Kick-Ass WordPress Users-ThemesReviewCentral

If you would like to create smart passive income streams, you need advice from guys such as Pat Flynn. I say this because Pat regularly clocks more than $100k bucks per month from his blogs. His largest blog, Smart Passive Income runs on the Smart Passive Income child theme.

And according to StudioPress:

They are not lying; Smart Passive Income child theme is the real deal.

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We all have dreams, and one of mine is to publish a best seller, make it big and live in a wooden cabin somewhere far away from civilization. That, or travel the world over. When I finally overcome whatever is holding me back, I know I will need a website that lets me showcase my best works in style. But, sadly, this post is not about my dreams.

If you are an author already making waves in your own small way, we present you the Author child theme. It’s one of those Genesis child themes made specifically for you and only you as an author. Theme features an intuitive design that draws attention to your books, and superior functionality makes managing your work incredibly easy.

Amazing Genesis Child Themes for Kick-Ass WordPress Users-ThemesReviewCentral

Learning institutions, too, have a thing for the Genesis Framework. If you run an online course, you need to convey all your awesome content in a short period and with the most impact. You need a no-nonsense child theme such as Education Pro; a theme that helps students and faculty get to the information they need in a timely manner.

Education child theme ships with 6 layouts, plenty of theme options, 6 color styles, featured images, custom backgrounds, a responsive design, custom menus and so much more. It’s exactly the theme you need to give your education site a new lease of life.

Amazing Genesis Child Themes for Kick-Ass WordPress Users-ThemesReviewCentral

Let us help you sell more of your products with one among the most alluring Genesis child themes – Glam. It’s adorable, and ships with the best of the Genesis Framework, taking you closer to your readers.

You won’t struggle to showcase your products, what with amazing categorization features, homepage widgets, a responsive design, multiple color styles, a number of page templates, customizable headers, featured images and HTML5 markup among others.

Amazing Genesis Child Themes for Kick-Ass WordPress Users-ThemesReviewCentral

There is a world of possibilities out there for the dreamer. Build any number of WordPress sites with Infinity, a theme that give most Genesis child themes a run for their money. It’s built beautiful and powerful to impress, the one characteristic you need to convert readers to loyal buyers.

Full with an intuitive shop, you will run your ecommerce store like a boss with Infinity. Plenty of sections make it easy to present your best information. This child theme ships with multiple page templates, a range of layouts, custom headers, WooCommerce support, and a responsive design among others.

Amazing Genesis Child Themes for Kick-Ass WordPress Users-ThemesReviewCentral

If you’re building an ecommerce site, you needn’t look further than Jessica. Brought to you by Web Savvy Marketing, Jessica is full of all the features that make it incredibly easy to sell your products. You can use WooCommerce, Ithemes Exchange or WP-eCommerce plugin to set up your store, and jazz things up with multiple color styles, custom headers, homepage widgets and so much more.

Other features include featured products, sale products, custom reviews, coupons, social media integration and newsletter subscriptions among others.

If you love the Genesis Framework, you will obviously appreciate a good list of Genesis child themes. The child themes outlined here make it easy to build any website upon a framework like no other. However, this list is in no way conclusive; use it as a road map while on the hunt for the best Genesis child themes.

Did we miss your favorite Genesis child themes? Feel free to share in the comments below to keep this list growing. Cheers!