This is a comprehensive collection of best social media plugins for WordPress, we have chosen the best options from the available lot.

Social media is an integral part of any online as well as the offline business these days. If you are ignoring social media, you are probably ignoring a huge customer base. Social media is not important from the publicity point of view, but it is a huge source of traffic for your website.

There are a number of amazing social sharing WordPress plugins which can use to promote your website. There are also some social media plugins for WordPress which are created to integrate social media functionality into your site other than sharing your posts.

In this article, we will try to cover the best social media plugins for WordPress from the lot. When we talk about effective social media integration, it’s not only about placing social sharing buttons on the site but you need to look at many other aspects such as where you are placing the buttons, the quality of the plugin, make sure it is not affecting the overall loading speed of your site and so on.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon are the most popular among the social media sites though there are many other social sites which can be equally effective if they are used properly. However, it comes down to your decision which social media sites you want to be active on.

In this collection of best social media plugins for WordPress, I have tried to cover the plugins which are tried and tested by a number of users and got a thumbs-up.

Also, the plugins which come with nice users interface as great front end presentation because when it comes to social media presentation can make a huge difference.

30+ Best WordPress Social Media Plugins 2016-ThemesReviewCentral

Revive Old Posts is a well known and very effective plugin that will help to get constant traffic to the old posts on your blog. With this plugin you can completely automate the process of sharing your old posts, you can schedule it and add hashtags automatically right from your WordPress dashboard.

We all know that the traffic from social media sites depends on a lot more on the activeness of your account. If you don’t share anything you will never be able to grow your account and drive traffic. However, if you need to share your old post manually, it could be a time-consuming process.

So, you can use this plugin to save your time and make sure that your accounts are always active with new content. With this plugin, you can share your posts on many popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr etc.

And you can share any kind of content on your site be it a post, page or even the custom post types. You can automate the process and have complete control over the content you share, you can add the hashtag, mention a @username and even add custom text while sharing the content.

The Revive Old Posts plugin can add hashtags automatically from the category or tags. So, it brings you complete automation of the process as far as sharing in social media is concerned. And the best part is that you will have full control and you don’t have a leave your site to do that.

As you keep on adding new posts to your sites, the earlier posts go out of the homepage that reduces the number of clicks and traffic to those posts, if you re-share them in social media sites it will give a new life to those posts and help you drive fresh traffic.

Another good part is that you can share your old posts as many times as you want to make sure that you don’t miss out any user based on different time zone. You can schedule your posts accordingly in regular intervals.

You can like the URL shortening services you use for sharing with the Google Analytics account and track the popularity of your share and number of clicks you receive.

30+ Best WordPress Social Media Plugins 2016-ThemesReviewCentral

Monarch by ElegentThemes is another social media plugin for WordPress which is a premium in real sense and deserves your attention. It comes with over 20 social sharing networks to display on your website. Add and arrange any number of available networks as you like it.

As already mentioned above, the placement of the social sharing buttons can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your social media promotion. Monarch offers you a large selection of locations you can choose to place sharing buttons.

Another amazing feature of Monarch is the image sharing option, we all know that sharing images on social media site can make a huge difference to the success of your social media promotion. Generally, you need a different WordPress plugin to share media files on social networks, but Monarch can do that job for you as well.

30+ Best WordPress Social Media Plugins 2016-ThemesReviewCentral

Social Warfare is a fully responsive social sharing plugin for WordPress. This plugin offers beautiful and highly customizable social sharing buttons for WordPress site. This plugin helps you to create  in-post tweetable quotes that make it super easy for the users to share your custom messages.

It also offers you an option to upload Pinterest-specific image and description which will help any blog to drive a lot of traffic from the popular image sharing platform. It comes with a widget which will help you to showcase the most popular content of your site depending on the number of social shares.

This plugin also gives you a comprehensive analysis of the social data, it automatically adds UTM tracking to every shared link so you can track how your social shares are performing, and there are a number of other amazing features which makes it one of the best social media plugin for WordPress.

30+ Best WordPress Social Media Plugins 2016-ThemesReviewCentral

I use this plugin on this site, the social sharing buttons and the social fan widget in the sidebar is created with this amazing social media plugin for WordPress. So, undoubtedly Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is one of our important picks.

If you have a license of this plugin you don’t need to look at any other social media plugin ever, because it’s a comprehensive solution for social media integration for WordPress. It provides you a number of options and features to play around and design the social sharing buttons as you like it.

This plugin is very powerful and flexible as you can adjust all the features of this plugin to match your requirements. For example, you can choose where you want to display the social sharing buttons, how you want to display button, the design of the buttons, switch on or off social counters and so on.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress comes with a number of built-in options in terms of design which you can select and display on your site. Also, you don’t need another plugin for promoting your social media profiles, it comes with a widget which you can place in the sidebar or anywhere you want with the shortcode to display your profiles with the count of fans.

30+ Best WordPress Social Media Plugins 2016-ThemesReviewCentral

Social Buzz WordPress Plugin

Do you like the Mashable social sharing plugins? If yes, you will like this plugin as well because it is created to provide you an option to place social sharing buttons like Mashable.

It comes with a great looking shares graph along with great looking social share buttons which encourage your visitors to share by giving them visual feedback of the popularity of posts. It’s a fully responsive social media plugin which comes with 3 built-in styles.

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CardZ is another interesting social stream plugin for WordPress that will help you to collect all your social activities at one place.

If you want to have a really interactive page with all social streams at one place you must have a look at this plugin. With CardZ, you can create your social stream page in just three steps, choose your social media accounts and hashtags, get the embed code and place it on a page.

This plugin offers you 15 beautiful looking themes to choose from and you can have custom typography as per your requirement. It also offers you pagination feature to make your social stream look clean and you can add custom animated effect to make it look even better.

Another best part is you can create your custom post or banner and add it to the stream that will help you to monetize your most interactive page.

It’s a fully responsive design that means your page will look great even on mobile devices and respond perfectly to any screen size. CardZ has fully optimized WordPress plugin and it will load instantly to provide a great experience for your users.

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Another great looking social media plugin for WordPress, it provides you option to create unlimited responsive Social Profiles and Social Counter on your websites easily. This is a highly customizable social media plugin for WordPress which provides manageable display options for you to change the display/style to match your current theme and shortcodes to add the profile on your website at ease.

It offers you drag and drop arrangement of social media profiles, social media counter and lot more

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Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin

Another ultra modern social media plugin for WordPress, it’s a comprehensive solution for promoting your content on social media sites. Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin helps you to set your social icons exactly into the right place with just a few clicks or you can lock your content requesting a share on one of the social networks available.

The plugin comes with 10 predefined Themes which are retina ready and built with CSS3 and the best Fonts in the world.

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This plugin brings you 16 social networks and 69 feed options. It’s a quick loading, lightweight WordPress plugin that will make your site look extremely modern as far as the social sharing options are concerned.

With this plugin, you can create a slide out tab as well as static tabs according to your requirement. You can place slide out tabs inside your post content which is an amazing feature to make your post look great and rich.

It offers you the option to have a live view of the Facebook and RSS snippet. It gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of design as well as placement, you can also disable the slide out tabs for the mobile devices.

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