WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) in the market and the reason for its popularity relies heavily on its customizability features. WordPress has an abundance of different themes curated by various developers to fit different niches.

Just hosting a website with some content is not always enough. You can mold the ambiance of your site to better complement your content as well as provide some specific features to enhance the user experience even further. Themes can easily help you in this regards.

Suppose you want to create a music based site then you will find thousand of themes curated for your need. These themes can provide you with design elements like a flashy flamboyant layout to make your site more lively, as well as provide you with some online music player plugins. On the other hand, if you want to create something more professional, like a lawyer’ site, then too, you will find something accordingly suitable. A theme that can help you build a minimal, professional aesthetic appeal coupled with plugins that help to make appoints as well as show details of past work.

Overall, WordPress is filled with all type of themes to suit all type of sites, but it also some multipurpose themes that are designed to suit all type of sites themselves.

Multipurpose themes are feature rich, heavily customizable and demo content loaded themes that you can tweak to your disposal and curate for your site a design style and layout that suits your content in the best way. Here, we will be talking about one such theme – Total Theme by WPExplorer.

Total theme hit the market at the end of 2013, and since then it has become one of the highest selling themes with mostly all appreciative reviews and ratings. The theme packs all important and necessary features like unlimited color options, premium sliders, a drag and drop page builder, live customizations, and an abundance of demo contents. The theme truly lives up to its name, being the “Total” solution to all your site building needs.

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

The theme is currently available on ThemeForest for a $59. You can buy it from HERE or get a demo/preview HERE. But if you want to know if the theme is a good buy to suit your needs then here is a concise and comprehensive overview of what Total Theme has to offer.

What is the most important aspect one considers while picking up a theme for their site? – How it looks! And so we shall start off the features list with the design and customization features, Total Theme brings to the table (in this case, your website!).

Total comes with a fully responsive design and a list of over forty live demo sites which is always growing and covers different niches as well as professions. All these demos sport a flat, minimal design language that looks great and is also responsive.

These demos are complemented with an easy to use demo importer built in with the theme that can import any of the demo sites along with its content, theme settings, widgets, and sliders in under one minute. So, you never have to start from scratch, and after importing the demos, you can tweak them till you attain your desired site design and aesthetics. Customization options, as mentioned before is also extensive.

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

It is very outdated to tweak some settings then click on save and finally refresh a page to see how the tweaked setting had an impact. Live customizers help you to make changes and view the result as you do it so that the entire process becomes more productive and less time consuming.

A keen feature with using the WordPress Customizer with Total Theme is that you can get an advanced version of it that allows you to enable or disable a section before the customization process. Most of the times, WordPress Customers is great and proficient but as more and more options are added it becomes slow. The route taken with Total Themes customized helps enable one option and disable all the rest which makes the entire process much faster.

Apart from this, the theme customization settings are also loaded with a lot of options, but everything is coded with the best coding practices and doesn’t compromise on speed. Settings are organized into well-labeled tabs with icons to increase usability. You can also use the rebranding options to rename your Portfolio, Staff and Testimonial post types (each of these comes with the theme) and the changes will be updated accordingly to reflect your custom name along with the icon.

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

The Theme Panel section is provided to help you manage and edit all the core features and functionality of the theme. It gives you a convenient way to enable or disable specific features that are particular to your site.

Many people refrain away from multipurpose sites as they are overloaded with features, sometimes which are unnecessary and end up slowing down the performance. With the Total theme and its theme panel, you can effectively manage all the features you are given and only pay resources for those which you need.

Overall, the Theme Panel consists of about thirty core features of Total which you can enable or disable at your will.

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

The theme is coupled with the very famous Visual Composer to help you build/tweak your site with drag and drop gestures. But, if it so happens that you fancy some other page builder then you will have no restriction and will be allowed to use it also. Although, Visual Composer does come free with the theme and we’ll limit this section to its contribution only in regards to the editing process.

Primarily, you can use the page builder to make front end edits to your site with drag and drop gestures to see exactly how the change look. But if you want you can edit your site from the backend and both of these methods of using Visual Composer is supported by Total.

Now one of the perks that you will receive if you stick with the bundled in Visual Composer is that the theme offers over eighty-page builder blocks and extra modules exclusive to Total. These modules can be used to add advanced options to further enhance customization of your posts. Some of these modules include spacing, list items, price tables, social links, search bar, post types and much more.

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

Templatera is also thrown into the mix of features. It is a premium plugin that helps to create and save custom page builder templates. It can help you replicate layouts easily as well as help to create custom portfolio item layouts, custom page templates or even custom services design.

Apart from the already mentioned Visual Composer and Templatera, Total theme packs other useful plugins like Slider Revolution, LayerSlider 5, WooCommerce as well as compatibility with all major and popular plugins. Overall, the theme comes with about $83  worth of plugins that is well over the price of the theme itself.

Slider Revolutions acts as an all-in-one Slider solution and delivers you with all necessary options to create impressive sliders. It is also easy to use. But if you desire a bit more stunning sliders with fantastic animation options then LayerSlider is also available to help you out.

Being a “multipurpose” theme, Total also pitch for people who needs e-shops for their websites. WooCommerce e-commerce plugin is of great help in this regard. The theme in commune with WooCommerce can seamlessly create online stores with product galleries, ratings & reviews, cats, checkouts and much more. Even custom store styling options are built-in with the live customizer.

You may also find the need to sport a calendar on your site enlisting upcoming events. Even that is taken cared of with the Events Calendar Plugin. The plugin gives you the option to include venues, organizers and also takes the advantage of Google Maps integration to provide a more fulfilling experience for your site visitors.

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

As already mentioned, Total Theme is available over at Themeforest for $59. After you have bought it from there, you will receive the download link for the theme on your profile. It will be available in a .zip file, and the installation process is similar to all other themes.

Head to your WordPress dashboard and then go to Themes section located under Appearance. From there click Add New. From here just select the Upload Theme button and just browse for the .zip file that you just downloaded from ThemeForest. Now all you have to do is click on Instal and after the theme has been unpacked just select the Activation Link and the installation is completed.

Now, after the theme installation has been completed, you will be prompted to install the plugins that come along with it. Here you can click on the Begin Installing Plugins link to ensure everything is installed according to as the developer intended.

The general way to import demos used to involve the Github. Though this made your site more lightweight, it wasn’t the most user-friendly method. With Total, you get a built-in demo importer inside the WordPress dashboard located under the Theme Panel. It offers a one-click installation and is also very fast.

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

The theme’s admin panel is to the left of the dashboard with a wide range of options. The theme panel gives you access to and control over items like Image Size, Custom CSS, Favicons, Custom 404, Under Construction page and so on.

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

This is an area we have already discussed but known we will go in a little deeper on how to use it properly. Under the Theme Panel lies the Features tab. It contains an abundance of features which can be enabled or disabled in accordance to your needs. This helps to improve the performance of your site by turning off unnecessary features.

Now if you want to edit or tweak with one of these options and not just merely enable or disable them, then you can hop on over to the Theme Panel menu and do it from there. For example, if you want to disable under construction page then you can select from the Features tab, but if you want to edit it, then you need to go to Theme Panel and then click on Construction Page.

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

Customization of the theme is done from the Customize section located under Appearance. From there you will get the front end, visual editor. You can tweak with the accent color, site backgrounds, breadcrumbs, pages, page titles and more from right here and with ease.

You can also use Visual Composer here. First, you need to open the page or post you will like to edit. You will then get to see all your page elements without previewing and then organize them with simple drag and drop.

Total also brings in some Total specific features to Visual Composer and has provided their own functionalities in the typography settings of Visual Composer. Hence you can modify options like text alignment, font, and colors right from a dedicated text block module.

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

Total Theme comes with a variety of useful Shortcodes. You can use Visual Composer to make shortcodes for any Form you will like to create. This makes the Form creation process much more simple and organized.

Shortcodes are also available to help you include an icon on your WP menu items as well as quick labels for Twitter and Facebook icons.

The theme comes with a separate section for Custom Post Types that developers will love. Many users tend to download the Custom Post Types UI plugin to give them more freedom and add custom post types to their sites. This can be a hassle if you intend on tweaking layouts, entry columns, and other items.

The separate section for the post types makes things a lot easier and intuitive.

Before we conclude, let’s have a look at some of the demo designs that you can use for your site which are ready with the Total Teme.

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

Total Theme Review: A Powerful Multipurpose Theme by WPExplorer-ThemesReviewCentral

As you have realized by now, Total theme offers a lot of flexibility with rich options and comes with a mere price tag of $59. We are saying merely $59 as you get $83 worth of plugins with the theme, all you which will are useful in hosting a website.

In the crowd of similar and complex multipurpose themes on the market, Total manages to standout, boasting its simple, clean and elegant design with a multitude of demos, plugins and building blocks to help you create a unique site for yourself.

Overall, the theme is great for beginners and developers too will find delight using it. It works great for many industry types and best of all, users of Total get a very proactive support theme to help them out.

So, if you have liked the theme then go and give it a spin and tell us what your impressions are in the comments. Again if you have used the Total theme or you are currently using it then also fill us in on your opinions about it. We will love to know and are waiting for you in the comments section.